At Camp Flog Gnaw, fans share their rage and depression over the election

Cassidy Hill waited in line Saturday for the Camp Flog Gnaw music festival in Exposition Park when she said a twentysomething man knocked into her as he rushed by the gates.

Hill, 33, had come from Texas on a road trip to see the festival, which featured headliners like Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper and festival founder Tyler, the Creator. The entry lines were crowded, so she didn’t think too much of the guy’s brusqueness as first.

That is, she said, until the man turned around and yelled: “Move, you black …,” adding a sexist slur to the racial reference.

It’s not news that some people have found a way to enjoy music made by African Americans while simultaneously holding racist views. But even at Flog Gnaw, a music festival in urban L.A. headlined by progressive black artists, some fans were left worrying about what the presidential election might portend for young people of color in America.

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