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Kendrick a Lyrical Genius

Kendrick Outshines Fellow MMG rappers on Power Circle

Check out the reason Kendrick won this week’s Rap Genius Lines at: The Boom Box

The winning line:

“Hell’s fire, I never lie, you will never grind/ I know the prior they running by us when we do crime/I know that Section 8 wanna discontinue my moms/When they heard that Ohio State gave us thirty racks in July,” – Kendrick Lamar, “Power Circle” Lyrics

Haven’t heard Power Circle?  Check it out HERE.

Basically Kendrick was the only rapper on the Power Circle song that went away from the standard tough talk and added a lesson in imagery, phrasing, cohesions, and flow.

Kendrick worries that his newfound fame and drawing power will not amount to anything but getting his mom kicked out of her home.  Kendrick though adds an additional layer talking about OSU and bringing a play on words with “prior” talking about Terrelle Pryor who got in trouble back in 2010 for accepting illegal gifts during his time as a running back.

Kendrick keep killing it!  Keep showing the other less emphasized, yet utterly needed facets that hip-hop lyrics can bring!

Kendrick Lamar – Ab-Souls Outro Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul] What’s your life about, enlighten me
Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet
Fire in the street, fire in the swisher
Fire in between the two legs of your little sister
Just get a sip of this elixir
Before they crop us out of the picture
I’ve never seen a crop circle
But I’ve seen a cop circled the block
I puff squares, but I swear one day I’mma stop my nerves itch
On the brink of my career
While my peers struggle for employment
Can you hear these screams (Uncle Sam ain’t no killing me)
One two, three four grams and a fifth of Hennessey
A bad bitch, fuck the penitentiary

[Hook] Section 80’s babies, blame Ronald Reagan, we raising hell

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul] Lord forbid
The homie got wet, so we trying to soak it in
The president is black, but you can’t vote for skin
You vote for the better man
Come to our show you can see the diversity
Unified people they going to peep universally
We might not change the world
But we going to manipulate it
Hope you participating
Ayo Dot, won’t you let these cats know
We knew we’d be here, like back in 04′
Started hiiipower because our generation
Needed a generator and a system, meant to disintegrate us
And all we do is assist them
We’re not victors, we’re victims
The bigger picture hasn’t developed yet
Like what if kids were celibate
What if Tammy came across a real man
Who didn’t play games like child-ren
My nigga cheated on his girlfriend with his girlfriend’s girlfriend
Let the world end
And everybody tripping off 2012
And the extraterrestrial presence as well (Odd Future’s odd)
But our future is not, that Martial law shit dropped
We gonna all get got
So keep that question mark on your face
Eat that fast food, and use that flouride toothpaste
Hide your feelings from the public
Work a long nine to five, don’t forget to pay your tithes
And to thank God you’re alive (Hiiipower)
And on another note
We focused like the Hubble Telescope, Soul

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul] Life is a traffic jam (Life is a traffic jam) [x10] I wrote this because I was ordered to
People say I speak for generation Y
Why lie, I do, Section 80
Your son will play me if the radio won’t
Daughters that just turn one to twenty one listen to Kendrick
For instance

[Ab-Soul] What’s your life about, enlighten me
Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet
Take out that student loan, and pay off your college degree
And do exactly what you see on TV

[Kendrick Lamar] True story, hm, can you repeat that for me Soul

[Ab-Soul] What’s your life about, enlighten me
Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet
Is you gonna plead the fifth, or sound the horn
The time is now child, come on

[Kendrick Lamar] See a lot of ya’ll don’t understand Kendrick Lamar
Because you wonder how I could talk about money, hoes, clothes, god, history all in the same sentence
You know what all the things have in common
Only half of the truth, if you tell it
See I’ve spent twenty three years on the earth searching for answers
Til’ one day I realized I had to come up with my own
I’m not on the outside looking in
I’m not on the inside looking out
I’m in the death fucking center, looking around
You’ve ever seen a newborn baby kill a grown man
That’s an analogy for the way the world make me react
My innocence been dead
So the next time I talk about money, hoes, clothes, god, history all in the same sentence
Just know I meant it, and you felt it
Because you too are searching for answers
I’m not the next pop star
I’m not the next socially aware rapper
I am a human motherfucking being, over dope ass instrumentation
Kendrick Lamar
Now fuck em’ up Terrace (Soul!)

Kendrick Lamar – Blow My High (Members Only) Lyrics

[Hook] Smoking out, pouring up
Keep that lean up in my cup
All my car got leather and wood
In my hood we call it buck
Everybody wanna ball
Holla at broads, at the mall
If he up, watch him fall
I can’t fuck with y’all
(Pussy ass ho niggas)
I can’t fuck with y’all
(Bitches all up in my business)
I can’t fuck with y’all
(Industry of counterfeits)
I can’t fuck with y’all

Taking off when you landing
Bitch niggas wanna throw tantrums
And I’m dancing on them stars
The galaxy ain’t got room for y’all
Ain’t nothing gonna happen soon for y’all
While I’m here and every day I hear
Your bullshit, self-pity
Reason why you never dealt with me
Reason why your girl dealt with me
Hands up, in the building we get busy
And say: “RIP Aaliyah … RIP” yep
“RIP Aaliyah … RIP” yep

That’s exactly what this sound like
A to the A to the L I Y
A H, give it up 2 times
Then give it right back, don’t
Blow my high


Look at my life
Then look at yours
Get some ambition, why you bored?
Time’ll never wait on no man
Society will never hold your hand
Niggas like the gossip, like bitches
Got me thinking you don’t like bitches
Wonder what’s behind them Ray Bans
Eyes of a coward, I understand
Niggas like the gossip, like bitches
Sip Don Perignon, when we finish
We say: “RIP Aaliyah … RIP” yep
“RIP Aaliyah … RIP” yep

That’s exactly what this sound like
But never will I ever forget Left Eye
Roll up, put a ribbon in the sky
And a button on your lips, don’t blow my high


Kendrick Lamar – Chapter Ten Lyrics

In time you’ll learn this is about you (x3)

Babies from 80s don’t know no better
Don’t nothing go better with ignorance
But the belligerent kids that we living with
Some of them masculine, some of the feminine
‘Member the universe used to be innocent
Now they just look at us crazy like immigrants
Everyday that I wake up, I’mma sin again
I’m not a citizen
I’m just a nigga from Section.80

Show of hands, how many been taking notes?
Leave everything on the table now
On the real
This is your generation
Show, show your pain

Kendrick Lamar – The Spiteful Chant Lyrics

[Hook] I know a lot of people that smile in my face
But talk behind my back every time I’m gone
So when they call my number, I don’t never pick up
I don’t owe you shit, bitch, leave me alone
I’m going big, suck my dick
I’m going big, suck my dick
I’m going big, suck my dick
I’m going big, suck my dick
Too many niggas, not enough hoes
And some of you niggas, acting like hoes
Stay to myself like loners do
Get high by myself, I’m not in the mood
To politic or be fake with you
We apologize if you ever knew
Too many niggas, and not enough hoes
And most of you niggas, acting like hoes

[Verse 1 - Kendrick Lamar] Everything I do is ?
I’mma take my time, I’mma master it
You should be mindful of a mastermind
But I left mine right where your momma live
Now blow up, blow up, hold up
I seen your kind before
See me as a dollar sign
Till I resign on your report
That I done you wrong, and I mean to know
My homie never ?
Nigga right now, it’s now or never
Nigga right now, I’m high as ever
But however…

[Hook] [Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar] Everybody heard that I fuck with Dre
And they wanna tell me, I made it
Nigga I ain’t made shit
If he gave me a handout
I’mma take his wrist and break it
Nigga, I’m faded off of that Nuvo
Chilling with two hoes in here
And they tie my laces, living the Matrix
As them pills disappear
Me and my niggas just acting bad
HiiiPower conglomerate
Living that life and counting this cash
Old friends I no longer have

[Hook] [Bridge] [Verse 3 - Schoolboy Q (Kendrick Lamar)] I remember when I came out and shit
Man it’s been so long since they see my dick
Probably been five months since I seen my seed
God dammit K Dot when it comes to this
When I was sleeping on couches
Nigga couldn’t get a call, just a Glock for my belt
Nigga I was motherfucking outchea
With the flashing lights had me stuck like reindeer
When I should’ve been making ?
I was somewhere stuck with a ?
Motherfucker see how far that I came here
Went broke and I came up in the same year
Can I get a hell yea?
Drop my chair, hold my joy, show my pride
(Music saved my fucking life
I’m doing right
And you left behind
Feel my pain, now I’m styling
Heard this shit, I spent a thousand
Different homes, different islands)
Dropped my mixtape and it sold like an album
Reason why I’m…

[Hook] (x2)

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