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Drake and A$AP Rocky Better Than Kendrick?!

Kendrick #3 Best Rapper 25 and Under

Image from Complex

According to this article from Complex, Kendrick is listed just behind Drake and A$AP Rocky as the #3 best rapper 25 and under.

While we can agree that Drake and A$AP Rocky are great artists, there is only one rapper #1 in our hearts!  And that’s our boy KENDRICK!

What are you’re thoughts on the article?

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  • illwill

    Drake? Lyricist? the first few bars to “headlines” caught my attention out the whole career. Not hating, just saying. Rocky is more of a “roll one” artist.. you roll one and he sounds so ill. Purple Swag caught my attention while i was so faded n working out… IDK u guys should tell complex that no one can do better, can metaphorically spit from the dome and make you think, like Kendrick n Ab-soul…Oh and BTW, Nas still got it too.. why wasnt he above them? But aye, thats how the world cookie crumbles..

    • zain

      i agree bro. and nas is almost 40. this is rappers 25 and under.

    • Vmilo

      Drakes sings too much , ASAP beats are vary to his lyrics which makes the song environment hard to understand , but Compton boy Kendrick Lamar has it all from Section 80 to Good kid m.a.a.d city , and making a hit single swimming pools (drank) I say Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper in all age groups , and if drake ASAP and Kendrick were to battle , hands down to king Kendrick for a obvious win , GO KENDRICK

      • http://Browser Viwe Mshweshwe

        Drake is the best in whatever weather cold or warm.He has a voice,lyrics and he can sing.What else you shall cry for interms of music.Drizzy Drake is doing music so you suppose to get it well

  • asmar

    Hell nah neither one of them is better then kendrick lyrically, asap jus got that paht ass deal thats all an drake is well drake!

  • Chris

    Drake and A$AP Rocky are good but definaty not better than kendrick lamar


    DRAKE!?… What!? seriously drake over kendrick? hell naw two words for complex, PROVE IT. Kendrick is a far more superior lyricist , his flow is way ahead of everyone else and when dis guy goes hard he goes HARD! (Monster, Look Out For Detox, Rigamortis etc.) Even his freestyles are far more lyrical and intellectual. Drake is way overrated and the #1 reason he’s on top is…. Dick Riders. As for A$AP Rocky he’s not bad but far behind Kendrick Lamar

  • Chuck

    Complex mag. must be on bath salt because Drake and ASAP are not better then Kendrick. ASAP….. ASAP he is alright but come on. Drake…….. no no no

    • Jim

      Lmao. drake is a better lyricist then Kendrick. Y’all must don’t Liston to his lyricist. Just cuz he sings should take you a way from his lyrics.

  • asmar

    I dont think it was all about lyrics tho cause kendrick is the best to ever touch the mic in my opionion!

  • Brad

    I anticipated Drake before i even looked at the count down…

    Kendrick, to me is a better artist, however, Drake Has a wider and stronger (zombie)fanbase built off of Young-Money, which gets Hella more attention than TDE

    But Drake puts bath-salts in his lyrics so… i mean there you go.

  • asmar

    Kendrick please do a track with corey guns! that calab would be dope!

    • antonio tosca

      That would be the illest colab ever kendrick and cory the best rappers alive and get zro on the hook


    I don’t think it was based off of lyrics maybe how popular they have become. Which is a good thing we don’t want Kendrick to be too mainstream. #blackHIPPY


    KENDRICK LAMAR way better…..J COLE is right after KDOT…….

  • Julie

    Kendrick lamar hands down. Drake & ASAP rocky isn’t even on the same level as Kendrick, he a beast straight from the dome. I bet neither one of them has that ability lol. No respect to drake or ASAP rocky their music is just a phase, Kdot joints are timeless. Just keepin shit real.

  • RHOyal Fiasco


    Uhmmm… Negative…

    I mean, music is art and therefore subjective… Still… If we’re basing this on lyrics, content, depth, etc. then Kendrick still wins…

  • Heavy Conscience

    Honestly neither Rocky or Drake are on the same level as Kendrick. Look into the mind of a great artist and you will see that the things that Drake is producing doesn’t come close to Kendrick. Commercialized bullsh*# come from Drake. Don’t get me wrong So Far Gone was a nice mix tape, but once you put on Section .80 there’s no competition.

  • Daniel Barrios

    ASAP raps about the same shit purple drink and weed,nothing new with that guy and Drake Is Gay As fuk. Give Kendrick 2 more years and hes only going to get better Drake is over rated. Nobody gives gives credit where credit due TDE All Day

  • Me

    No, they’re not better.

  • JJ

    Who the fuck can even say Drake is decent? He is fuckin awful! He isn’t even a fuckin rapper! FUCK OFF DRAKE! Kendrick is THE best rapper at the moment! CLASS!!!!!

  • mugeni mukabwe

    no no no no…………there is no way Drake nd ASAP can be better than the lyricist that is Kendrick Lamar

  • M3THOD

    # WORD

  • Six

    All the true hip hop heads know Kendrick handles down is the best out right now!! J Cole is # 2

  • Ill_flowz

    Kendrick is lyrically ill,he cannot be compared to the likes of Drake and A$AP Rocky

  • http://Kendrick.ORG Mlondi kolebra K-boy

    Heya u y r ppl comparing u wid kids…
    Im like really u way jst so dnt relate ta em they speak abt fame alot
    which shows dey lame
    nd uh wuldnt say much abt drake love him…shout out ta ya kendrick u r my everyday topic even whn i go ta & ma frnds discuss abt u whole break tym
    nd uh we lookin forward ta hear frm u nd NAS….please du us good maybe a collbertion

  • Conz

    Lol everyone knows kendricks the best out, thats not even an argument. I do keep hearing everyone say Cole is #2 but his album kinda let me down the best track on it was lost ones, which dont get me wrong is classic as fuck. In my opinion Krit, currensy and cole are all pretty even. I would say krit has the better content and intent listen to remember the titans freestyle, best shit i’ve heard in a while any Drake and asap will fade quick TDE all day!

  • onrizzy is the shitttttt..therz no way drake nd asap r bttr thn him..

  • CecilRhodez

    In terms of simply being a rapper, Kendrick is better than both of them. He has a versatile style and can flow with the best of them. However as an artist, Drake is better. People like to toss the term sold out around like they know what they’re talking about. Drake is someone who has stayed close to the style he perfected on So Far Gone while being able to obtain mass appeal at the same time. As an artist being able to balance the underground as well as the mainstream is a talent in and of itself. Kendrick will eventually reach Drake’s height but for now I would say Drake is a better over all artist, followed by Kendrick, and ASAP would be last. Dont get me wrong I like all three but Ive also been listening to hip hop for a long time as well as other genres, Id like to think what it takes to make a king, and there really are only 5-10 living ones.



    • Hip Hop

      We all knw u love kendrick lamar faggot nw stop ridin kendricks dick and c the truth…!KENDRICK IS AVERAGE

  • Christian Ortega

    I seriously thought I was the only person who thought this rating was ridiculous. Almost every comment on this page says something that us real folks all think and know about Kendrick. Simple as no one is on his level “everybody know I spit that other shit, shit that make duck for cover shit, shit that make you hop out cho seat and slap yo motha shit!!!!” -Kendrick “HOC”

    Simple as this line. My mama is so pissed cuz I knocked her ass out almost everyone I put on that Kendrick!!

    Seriously I lost all hope to hip…..then I heard OD!

    Let’s tell em what we DON’T BELIEVE IN!


  • Arianah

    Kendrick lamar is the BEST rapper no body cant get on his level <3

  • Ashton

    WTF!!??? Drake… And Rocky?? Ok first off, I ain’t hating. Second, This is all my opinion. Third, Motherfu***in ASAP Rocky should be 3rd. And Drake should be 2nd! Drake.. Is a way better version of Lil Wayne. but most his songs, are about his old flames.. and Ok, he do got some real songs… but most of it just the same old shit. Good word play and metaphors. Now Rocky…. I am actually surprised he within top 5(eh, not that surprised). Dude is sick, lyrically… good, i like his wordplay better. But WOW, seriously?? Better than Kendrick Lamar?? Dude so lyrical, this ni**a can change the game. His stories and how he delivers is the s**t. Ignorance is Bliss will forever be my s**t.

    Moral of the story. If the people truly think those two ni**as is better than Kendrick Lamar… OK. So what you know about music..

    Ash. OUT!



  • Really?

    Ok, From the jump I can understand Drake… But A$AP!!! What is this comedy???

  • Rosetta’s STONED

    People need to understand there are different types of rappers. Every rapper is not created equal and should not be categorized the same as every other rapper. Drake is a non factor here. Drake is a choir boy who has no REAL stories tell because he isnt about that “tough guy talk” he tries to portray. ASAP isnt saying much of nothing lyrically.

  • brian

    kendrick is the best rapper alive and as for Drake and ASAP they good but they can never match Kendrick in terms rap is consent

  • Jusee

    Don’t get me wrong Drake is good,my son rap better

    • Jusee

      Finishing my comment)than A$AP,so Eff da dumb shit Kendrick gets in your mind so deep,you feel like your in a story,so that to me makes him number one Drake is starting to sound like Lil Wayne to me,ughh,it’s all about being yourself,,,idc who you are or what you have,if you

  • Shawn

    I think Kendrick Lamar is a better lyricist and storyteller but on the one track they are all on together (Fuckin Problem) i think Drake has the best verse.

  • NTG

    Kendrick > A$AP > Drake
    all good artists, but Kendrick is easily better than most rappers ever

  • Chad

    No, they’re not. In my opinion he is the epitome of a true MC. He is an artist in every since of the word. His music paints a scene and his verses touche your soul and leave a mark on you. And I don’t just like to hear his music, I respect it. To me he’s not only the best, or one of the best, he’s one of the best artists that has made music for the masses. What I’m saying may sound corny to people, but that’s what feel when he flows.

  • jaquea

    Drake better than Kendrick… NAHH. And ASVP got skills but he aint better than Kendrick.

  • Nyasha

    Our Boi Kendrick Lamar without a doubt. When they collabed on Fucking Problems, who had the best verse, saved for last? I thank you. <– (edit of Duckworth's genius)

  • Jayne

    Uhm no. All drake talks about is love. Kendrick is real, he believes in God & he’s a huge influence. He’s a smart and strong guy, he’s more than just a rapper. For A$AP, he’s good but I don’t really feel his music like I do Kendrick’s.

  • mno

    Kendrick Lamar , IM young i want to be rapper

  • Real Nigga

    Ok first of i aint no hater, nor dickriding but come on people that nigga K.DOT sounds weired A.F lyrically yeah i’ma vouch for him but feature Drake on any song you know that shit is going to be that tight think about it Drake got errbody on that YOLO and Started from the bottom shit and as for A$AP get tha fuck outta here

  • t0wlie Kendrick Lamar – best rapper under 25..

  • boss

    drake cannot be compare to the like of kendrick hi has more money and hits and succes to even be bother with those stupid comparing of him his music and fame and talent speak for his it self

  • boss

    kendrick lamar the new 2pac my ass drake has prove himself kendrick has a lot more to prove period.

    • zuri

      Drake does not possess one album that can compete with Kendrick’s Good Kid M.A.A.D City, nor does any other new school rapper, mark my words homie, Good Kid M.A.A.D City will win best hip hop album at every award ceremony this year

  • zuri

    Well cocaine is a hell of a drug, this article evidence that it can take you as far as to say Drake & Asap are better than….maybe if the article was “best rappers who sing and are under 25″ it’d be justified

  • torres

    Cm on guys,Kendrick is nat ur average rapper,nothin 2 play wit,only compared.Drake is good bt too commercial for my likin,jus lyk his mentor wayne.Asap tries bt on the real,he killed both drake and kendrick on da track fuckin problem

  • Peter sparks

    Agreed,Kendrick is a rap genius nd a god Mc bt compared 2 drake he’s stil up nd coming..kendrick is better off lyricaly,he gat great flows nd he makes real hiphop music bt drake is a hit maker,he makes hits 4 almost all artistes dat features him nd he’s also a great acheiver in d 4 asap hez stil an amateur,j.cole nd krit ar far beta

    • richymbl

      kdot he keeping hiphop hiphp. lyrics out the world. as a lyricist hes the best. drake just way more versitile. rocky still up and coming. has a lot of work still.


    Nah nah guyz cnt u gt it A$AP ROCKY his da best…jst wyt n ya al g0na c


    Yo t0rres……. i gree wth u…A$AP KILLD bth DOZ RAPPERZ wy 2 big

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