TODAY Kendrick Turns 26!  Wish Him A Happy Birthday In The Comments Below!

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  1. DANNY M


  2. trevor billings

    yo kendrick man yo cds changed my life and way of thinking. have a happy birthday. yous definitely on this earth for a reason nigga

  3. Anthony Lindsay

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Im one of your biggest fans. Repping that gkmc all the way down here in Lexington, Ky…Stay up and keep it real with the music fam !!!

  4. Ashley E

    Kendrick i looove your music and how amazing you are. I hope i meet you when you come to Alaska. Im so excited that youre coming like wow. Your music is fantastic and real.

  5. BrookeL

    I’m pretty sure everyone has already said everything there is to say about your birthday, but I’m going to bore you anyway….I truly enjoy your music and consider you my favorite rapper of all time. Every song you made especially your amazing mixtapes have actually meaningful lyrics, and aren’t just filler hidden by a good beat. Though you seemed to cover that too….. I wish you a happy birthday…..a late happy birthday, and hope you do amazing at the BET Awards 2013; where I will be eager for your performance, and your winning of every category your in. I currently re- submitting my poles for you as best new artist,and best male hip hop artist. I hope you don’t mind and continue with producing my favorite songs.

  6. Cataya

    …wasn’t really looking to give you a shout out for your b-day. I was listening to “memories back then” on youtube, tryna figure out how in the heck I could get in touch with you so that I could ask- HOW 100 was dat verse??!!! YOU KILLED IT; I mean the whole song is dope, but man, talkin bout real-ish… You growin on me homeboi…. I know this is a long shot, and Im sure you dont personally read these, (that’s just what fame will do to you) but, at the end of the day, all I have is my effort. If you’re ever in Dallas, hit me up- 214-635-9709. (and that aint on no boppin type stuff) Conversation is all I got for you; and prob the Word, if I see that you’re interested in Christ. :) Be blessed; live life; always keep God 1st and mos def always stay TRU to self… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  7. Ohmari Coleman

    Happy B-Day K-DOT, and im O.$.O, I’m trying to be a rapper myself along with my partner named Kid WC and you along with Wale inspire us both. Hopefully we get to meet you both cause we are big fans. We from Memphis also but Happy B-Day and hopefully we get where yall at

  8. Bryant

    Blessings on your earth day sir. Thanks again for giving “tiden flyver” a chance. I told you it would be one of your biggest crossover tracks…thanks for listening to a fan from toronto. Im not happy that when i paid to support you i didnt get to see ab soul or stally when i paid to see them at sound academy!
    Anyways thanks again for listening to a humble brother from tdot. Stay humble sir no EGO and let these other niggas know who we are know that u kno…

  9. Shawn Duncan

    I have to meet you one day man…. swear to god… first dream is to become successful… second Is to meet you… its not just the music i love man… i see the meaning of everything you say/do…one love… happy birthday

    1. vusi

      Happy Birthday!!! You a blessing’ to the Game, Much love and respect… Fuck a funeral, Pay respect to your music my nigga, Happy birthday…

  10. Sonya Love's Kendrick

    Hey K.Dot,
    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday now that you balllllin’!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I always knew you would be famous, you’re gonna be up there with the greats Kendrick just stick to your roots and remember the lyricist you are, like you said “so the corporate won’t make decisions, upity bitches handlin business, killing our dreams, stealin our visions” Love you, I dream about meeting you one day ^_^

  11. rameez

    happy birthday to Mr LAMAR… keep doing what you do best and rap those niggas to da death… as for the rest, keep looking up to the best. U.O.E.N.O nigga!!!

  12. juan-Pierre

    happy birthday dude!!! hiii power all the way man. I love your songs dude so don’t stop making it keep them coming and I hope you had a dope birthday anyway I hope to meet you in the near future, if u make a tour in south Africa PS!!! ;-)

  13. bennyboom

    Dawg, happy belated birthday famm…u 1 of the greatest lyricist ever stepped foot on this earth,keep doin what you do blood,the whole world is behind u 100…THA REAL IS BACK! Wun…

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