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What does Kendrick’s m.A.A.d stand for?

Kendrick good kid maad city Meaning Revealed!

Kendrick good kid maad city has been revealed!

Kendrick states there are two meanings:

“It’s two, two meanings. The first is ‘my angry adolescence divided,’ and the basic standout meaning is ‘my angel’s on angel dust.’ That’s the reason why I don’t smoke,” he said. “That was me. I got laced. The reason I don’t smoke, and it’s in the album. It’s in the story. It was just me getting my hands on the wrong thing at the wrong time, being oblivious to it.”

It’s great that Kendrick would be open enough to tell us that he was once laced with a joint that hand angel dust and it made him have such a bad experience that he no longer smokes pot or anything else for that matter.

Now that we know what the two meaning are, what experiences have you had in relation to the two meanings?

  • What’s your experience growing up in terms of your fellow peers being divided?  Did you experience the type of things Kendrick’s album talks about?
  • Have you ever been laced?
Leave your experiences in the comments below.  Share your good kid, m.A.A.d city personal stories in the comments below!

  • En

    stands for good kid, mad alcoholics anonymous city

    • Austin

      Made me an Angel on Angel Dust

  • Craig

    That was my thought ^

  • kendrick

    maybe its just me but didn’t WC have “WC and the MAAD circle” M.A.A.D stood for “Minority Allience of Anti Discrimination” it could be it for good kid maad city too cause in the interview with nardwuar he mentions this record and kendrick tells ab-soul about like its something to notice idk maybe its just me

  • Saint Rozier

    Mothers Against Any (or All) Driving i think

  • brandon

    it stands for made Me an Angel on Angel Dust…
    its at the end of the song “m.a.a.d. city”

    • Pdub

      ^ that’s right

  • simmeon

    no u duck it stands for mad at anti drug dealers lol #hii power

  • simmeon

    i agree with en

  • Justin

    There is an interview of Kendrick w the LA Leakers on Shade 25 and he said there were 2: one is My Angela on Angel on Angel Dust and the second is My Angry Adolesence Divided

    • Justin

      Shade 45*

  • C.

    It stands for mad angry adolescence divide or mad angels on angel dust

  • John Donahue

    Angels on

  • _sir_jive

    My Angel on Angel Dust
    My Angry Adolescents Devided

  • Wendi

    A long time ago I smoked PCP and it was awful. I was at the beach and everyone looked like miidgets. Took hours to wear off. I drank some milk and puked and came down. I don’t recommend it to anyone but milk does make you come down. The real pathetic thing about that time is my big sister was dealing and gave it to me. Bad stuff.

  • Dj cool kk

    Aweah bra you good bra kindric you good man

  • JoeKha

    i jUST wANNA kNOW wHEN iS mR.LYrICAL cOMING tO South Africa ?!? “We Support Team Kendrick On Full Force” … FOLLOW ME @Joe_Kha95 #iRepTeamKENDRICKLAMAR

  • Itsyaboy1993

    Well now that he say’s somethin about it and iv read about it…i feel like we had the same childhood.

  • swayzo


    • max

      It’s M.A.A.D.

  • swayzo


  • Jessica Bayonet

    On good Friday of 1999, my boyfriend smoked a blunt with his friends that we found out later on was laced. He came to pick me up after. We were driving on a two-way road and trying to go around a car, he felt bold enough to race to get ahead of the car from the on-coming traffic lane. He barley made it passed the car but once we got into our correct lane, he lost control of the car and hit a tree. He died instantly. I suffered minor cuts and tore a ligament in my knee. I found out that I was pregnant with his child at the hospital. My daughter is 13 now and she knows the dangers that can come from smoking weed that has obscure origins. The only reason we found out that it was laced, was through the autopsy report; which, by then, was way too late to recieve that crucial info.


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