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Kendrick Lamar Albums

Do You Have the Kendrick Lamar Albums yet? (Independent Albums)

Welcome to the Kendrick Lamar Albums page!  Kendrick Lamar has been a very busy artist coming out with three mixtapes and two albums in a short amount of time (since 2005).  The best Kendrick Lamar Albums so far has reached a high of 113 on the Billboard 200 chart and has extremely high expectations for his first debut album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d city, that will be released October 2nd, 2012.

Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 reached a high of 113 on the US Billboard 200 chart, a high of 22 on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums, 13 on the US Billboard Top Rap Albums, 1 on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums, and 21 on the US Billboard TOP Digital Albums.

Kendrick Lamar’s First Independent Album: Overly Dedicated

Kendrick Lamar Albums - Overly Dedicated

The artist formally known as K-dot stands now as Kendrick Lamar…A “good kid in a mad city”. His story has been told, and those of you checking out this site have a good idea with the type of person he is. Being supporters of his movement and him in general I have to push his music 100% as much as I can. If you have heard the mixtape you know about the quality he puts out and I wanted to place this link here only to help him, if you are a fan support and buy the album on iTunes.

Not to many people get a chance in this world to do something profound or influence a large number of people most importantly hip-hop artist who are actually trying to do something positive. So Support, purchase and you’ll be glad you did.

Kendrick Lamar’s Second Album: Section.80

Kendrick Lamar Albums - Section 80

Section.80 was met with critical acclaim upon its release. Review aggregator Metacritic gave the album 80/100, indicating ‘Generally favorable reviews’. The Smoking Section gave it 4/5 Cigs, declaring “Kendrick absolutely shines…There’s no possible way to doubt his conviction.” Relevant Mindset rated Section.80 a 9.5/10 stating that it was “A listen all the way through Section.80 is virtually un-skippable. The features are all dope, the production is great, the lyrics might be the best out of anyone out right now, and the album’s quality is impeccable. The messages and knowledge that this Compton MC delivers makes you want to send him another payment for the album. No joke.” HipHopDX rated the album 4 out of 5 stars. Pitchfork rated the album 8 out 10. XXL gave the album a XL/XXL rating. IMF mag gave the album a 9.1/10 rating.

 Now that you have been exposed to the next up-and-coming west coast rapper, it’s time to show your support by purchasing his albums off iTunes to show you care!  You can download Overly Dedicated HERE and Section.80 HERE!

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  • Romney

    when u coming to Dallas, Tx

  • Ibn

    Besides His moms and Pops, i am claimin it, i am K.Dots biggest fan!

  • Noemi Rodriguez

    Keep the realism comin’ through your tracks K-Dot don’t let the industry change ya up, keep doin what ya doin….you got a die hard fan in The Great NorthWest!!! #503

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  • David

    Kendrick is dope! I’m trying to get everyone I know into his music.

  • Psycho

    Kendrick is nice! I like u ! u are really 2pac`! and soundtrack of my people is my favourite song.keep trying

  • Focus

    Yo Bawse you need to slide out to Denver,Co. we bang yo shit out here too….

  • Ryan

    Kendrick truely is the best rapper ive ever heard. his wordplay and lyricism are impeccable, and the way he carries himself, and makes people want to fight to make everyone love him is unbelievable. i show kendrick to everyone and everyone ive shown him to loves him

  • Amber

    Thank you for putting all of you into your music. It is truely dope and so are you.

  • Lady

    Definitley grew up on REAL SHIIT! Pac’s Protege…OnThaReal

  • Anthony

    yo come to Seattle cause we halla at the boys in the hood

  • Samuel

    Dope man u dope i bow down..to ur rhyms and puchlines an da message in ur musiq man m a big fan of urz kip doin wat ur doin man…coz ur peeps in south africa are realy viewing ur atopsy! Wer da goverment has xot u!

  • O Money

    Yo I been listening to Kendrick for a couple months and his albums remain at the top of my collection. Hip Hop is all about the message and that’s why Kendrick is the man. These songs tell stories and we can all relate. Keep up with this shit for real. I bow down to Kendrick one of the illest MCs in the game.


    • Fancy Francis

      Well said and stated

  • Damian J

    big fan u put on a great show in ireland…thank you so much….

  • gonzo

    kendrick lamar beast one of the best rappers alive legend thats how i would describe him

  • http://www.playthishiphop.com/kendrick-lamar-albums KLa

    Dope albums, props!

  • Eric J

    Kendrick, your art work is beyond truth it’s power…forever a fan.

  • corie

    yo Kendrick I’m a big fan, grew up in Compton and glad to have another rep. for us….dude i really want to hear you do a freestyle or remix to beast mode by b.o.b

  • Fancy Francis

    I am a singer
    who’s probably gonna
    lord forgive me
    lord forgive me thing I
    sometimes I need to be
    Bitch don’t kill my vibe
    Bitch don’t kill my vibe
    Bitch don’t kill my vibe
    Bitch don’t kill my vibe………………

    Awesome this is the only song of Kendrick that’s keep me going…..

    • John Groe


      • James Khalifa Boot Dat

        sinner* not singer

    • God

      its sinner dumbass not singer

  • agoro taiwo

    i love ur style of rapping

  • Peter Thabo Nale

    Yo Kendrick ya tracks are on point bro, my favorite albums ever are, Overly Dedicated and sections 80. These bunch of orphans claims to be ”best rappers aliver” but the truth is you are the best Rapper/MC alive.

    BIG UP TO YA!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Thabo Nale

    The Jig is Up!!!!!!!

    dumpin out the roof

  • Tronoy Campbell

    he’s cool bt cnt beat Eminem!….

    • Dwain McMillion

      Its an unfair comparison

  • panda fish

    wheres good kid maad city?