Kendrick Lamar and Cory Gunz 8/27/11 The Loft Atlanta, GA

Check out Kendrick Lamar at The Loft in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s on 8-27-11 buy your tickets here. Cory Gunz will be there too. Check it out.

Jon StenstromKendrick Lamar and Cory Gunz 8/27/11 The Loft Atlanta, GA
  • KHz Wilkerson

    yo! went to Loft to see the show & hands down, K.Dot OWNED that shit!!! this was my 1st hip hop concert (& i’m 34) so i was super hype!!!
    Cyhi performed & he went hard too. Corey Gunz was so-so…lot of people wasn’t feelin him…nor was they feelin the opening acts. i was in the bitch drunk as hell, feet hurting & waiting for hours…glad i bought my ticket b4 hand. it was worth it. i went dolo to show my support. i was crunk as hell. Kendrick is a real nig. i’ll be going to the next one here in Atlanta w/ him & J.Cole. LOOK!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    fb Killahertz Wilkerson

    • Mr Rodon

      Something has been telling me to check his fansite to see when he was coning to Atlanta! To find out that I checked a week too late? I’m sick over it! When will he be back????? I gotta be in the house for that one!

  • KHz Wilkerson

    Schoolboy Q also did his thing!!! they really rocked it when they did Ignorance is Bliss. lot of mothaphukkas couldn’t follow directions but i was on point with the BOUNCE! COME ON! BOUNCE!!! that shit was ridin!
    oh yea Schoolboy Q- you UGLY than a mothaphukka!!! LMAO! (j/p).