Kendrick Lamar and J Cole Album Rumors: Collaboration Axed?

Fans of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have long been clamoring for a potential collaboration between the two artists. It seems fans are set to be disappointed, however, due to the latest legal battles of Lamar.


Recent media attention has come to Kendrick Lamar over legal battles regarding his album To Pimp A Butterfly album. With the impending legal battle, juggling collaborations with other artists, AND performing at President Obama’s birthday party, the long sought after collaboration between rapper J. Cole seems far fetched at this point.


Lamar’s legal battles stem from his apparent plagiarism of the song I Do This, wherein it is revealed that a portion of the song is taken from Bill Wither’s 1975 song Don’t You Want To Stay.


Due to this potential copyright infringement, the Matti Music Group, has filed a plagiarism charge against Lamar, which may cause complications to the sought after collaboration with J. Cole.

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