Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole collaboration album on the works

It is only on a rare occasion when two of the greatest rap artists of this generation decides to do a collaboration. In the case of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, the public has been waiting for the developments of their much-awaited collaboration since it was first reported in 2013 that they are down to do an album together. The anticipated collaboration rap album is reportedly titled “Reminiscing,” although almost three years had passed and their fans have not yet heard a solid confirmation that their joint album is still a go. Due to the lack of news regarding the collaboration, many are thinking that the joint project will no longer push through. However, the latest rumors suggest that Lamar and J. Cole’s album is already underway, although a few bumps on the road are causing a delay.


One of the well-known music producer in the industry today, Cardo, revealed in an interview with Complex that the collaboration album between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole is still happening, in spite of the speculations that the two no longer have time to continue the project.


Cardo said the Cole is such a great artist to work with. He shared his working experience with the rapper from the first time he met him until they finally got close and had their good moments together. He also revealed that he is a huge J. Cole fan himself.


Meanwhile, Top Dawg Entertainment president Dave Free told MTV last January that although there are a few issues causing a delay in the Lamar-Cole collaboration, there are no reasons to believe that the project will no longer push through. He even said that their album is still possible to be released this year.


“Everything’s a possibility, but I ‘ma say this, too: Kendrick and Cole are in a place in their careers and in their lives where they have to keep going. Of course, they’re two of the biggest rappers out, but they still have to keep grinding. There’s so much work that they have to continue to do,” said Free.


Before Lamar and Cole can focus on their collaboration, the latter must first settle a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly copying the 1975 song “Don’t You Want to Stay” by Bill Withers. According to the reports, Cole allegedly used the title of the song for his own.

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