Kendrick Lamar announces eight-city Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour

The acclaimed lyricist and rapper has been performing one-off festival appearances since the record came out, but those shows have focused on his entire oeuvre, not solely on the progressive, jazz-filled vibe of “Butterfly.” He’s included “King Kunta” and “i” in set lists, but hasn’t offered an immersive experience with a full band. That will likely change, though when has yet to be announced.

That said, on record Lamar’s band features contributions from fellow Angelenos Kamasi Washington and bassist Thundercat, both of whom have their own busy schedules. If one assumes that either one or both are playing during the eight-night Kunta’s Groove Sessions, that leaves only a few windows open. Thundercat has scattered dates from now until December that offer ample time. Washington, however, will be touring the world starting Oct. 15, and doesn’t have an eight-night window until early December.

That’s all speculation, though. The only true indispensable presence during these shows is Lamar, whose recent television appearances have been incendiary. But including Washington on the stage seems somehow crucial. Stay tuned for more on Kunta’s Groove Sessions as news comes.

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