Kendrick Lamar Backseat Freestyle Music Video

EXCLUSIVE: Backseat Freestyle Music Video!!!

Check out Kendrick’s new music video for “Backseat Freestyle”.  Directed by Jerome D, Dave Free & Kendrick Lamar.

Special treat for all Kendrick Fans at 2:31.

Meaning Behind Backseat Freestyle

The story goes back to the K.Dot days where Kendrick is with his homies driving around their city in a white Toyota.  In that Toyota, his homies have a pack of blacks and a beat CD.

This track does not leave much to the imagination, but gives a sense of a typical night Kendrick spent growing up with his homies driving around town, not a care in the world, freestyling and living life to the fullest…

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the meaning.

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