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Kendrick Lamar Biography

Get to Know Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar likes to compare himself to Tupac Shakur. But Tupac wasn’t from Los Angeles and didn’t know his father growing up. By the time Tupac was 23, he had already been shot multiple times and begun serving a prison sentence. Lamar, on the other hand, was born and raised in Compton. His parents are still married. He’s 23, and so far he has dodged the almost inescapable bullets that dart through what he calls his “mad city.”  Enjoying this Kendrick Lamar Biography?  Keep reading!

Even so, Lamar seems to share Tupac’s soul; better still, he seems an evolution of it. The line between “Pac the Playboy” and “Tupac the Tortured Poet” was drawn with an indelible marker, but the sides of Lamar’s personality bleed into one another. The chorus of “P&P” (an ode to “Pussy and Patron” punctuated by a girl pouting, “Hey, what’s up, daddy”), for example, is cookie-cutter braggadocio. Its first verse, however, stacks a precarious tower of thoughts almost tipped over into rage by an incident at a gas station — and leaves him searching through his phone for a comfort he admits is temporary.

Candid vulnerability and a voice that sounds as though he’s just inhaled great mouthfuls of smoke (even though he abstains from weed) are why Lamar is on everybody’s lips. Last November, Dr. Dre (who was led to Lamar by Eminem’s manager) said out of the blue on Power 106’s popular morning show Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he wanted to work with the rapper.

By now, Lamar has not only worked with Snoop Dogg and Dre, he was snapped, paparazzi-style, sitting courtside at a Lakers game with the legendary producer. His buzz has ratcheted to such a roar that he’s considered a shoo-in for XXL magazine’s “Freshman 2011″ cover.

But he doesn’t want to hear that he’s the next in line to wear hip-hop’s crown. No wonder, considering that honor can be as sturdy as the ones you can get from a box at Burger King. Lamar says he still wants to be making albums when he’s 45.

“The hardest thing for me to do is to get you to know me within 16 bars,” the rapper says on a track from last fall’s O(verly) D(edicated), “Average Joe,” in which he relates a story of being shot at by a gang, even though he’s not affiliated. The problem isn’t that Kendrick Lamar can’t reveal himself. It’s that there’s too much he wants to reveal. His thoughts tumble furiously; words swarm so frantically that in one song he eventually chokes on them.

“Goin’ crazy in your head is wanting to say so much, but you can’t. I think it comes from my struggling relationship with God — my whole life, I go to sleep every night and just think about God,” he says, faltering for a moment. “Is that a trip? That’s me trying to find myself in a relationship with Him. Righteous, but at the same time being so [caught up] in the vanities of the world … it messes me up inside.”

Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. “My mom’s one of 13 siblings, and they all got six kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says. “I’m 6 years old, seein’ my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin’ dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.’ ”

In school, Lamar was a quiet, observant kid who made good grades. “This is always in my head: There was a math question that I knew the answer to, but I was so scared to say it. Then this little chick said the answer and it was the right answer, my answer. That bothers me still to this day, bein’ scared of failure.”

Maybe the memory of that missed opportunity is what landed 16-year-old Lamar in front of the “dude to get your music to” in Compton, DudeDawg, chief financial officer of TopDawg Entertainment. “He threw me in the booth. I freestyled for, like, an hour. He said I got raw talent.” He’s been with the company, along with one of last year’s XXL Freshmen, Jay Rock, ever since.

When Kendrick Lamar was growing up, his father used to cheat while playing basketball with him. A few days ago, standing in the middle of a court in a park not far from a sign welcoming you to Compton, Lamar looked up at a hoop and shrugged. “He wanted me to know that was what was gonna happen in life.”

Lamar ends sentences with smiles. He’s friendly and funny, offering to share the lunch he eventually lets go cold and teasing that he wants to switch interview roles. Yet there are a few instances when he retreats, suddenly looking harder, older.

At the park, he’s laughing as he bounces onto the basketball court. He calls a friend who lives a couple of houses down to bring over a ball.

But shortly thereafter, sitting on the back of a bench, he stares up at a rare overcast sky. “I wish it was like this every day. Not raining, ’cause I hate the rain, but cloudy like this,” he says. The slight gloom seems to have seeped into his mood; the shift is abrupt and barely perceptible, but definite.

When Tupac pleaded, “Peace,” he sounded like he’d already lost hope. Lamar struggles, too. But when he interjects that same refrain between strings of gang names in “Compton State of Mind,” he first sounds insistent, then imperative.

These Compton streets was built not to win …

Standing just beyond the three-point line, Kendrick Lamar shoots the ball.

It arcs, then slips soundlessly through the hoop.

Source Located Here from LA Weekly


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  • Roscoe

    Just heard of you today, I am impressed to hear of artists like you. Your rhymes are on point. I am a visual artist and I am definitely interested in working with you. I have done branding and designs for a few people in the music industry. Check me out @Roxcoe

    Keep it up.

    • love k dot 4eva


      • the beepbop


        • Audrey Quaye

          I just love your state of mind.Its my dream to meet you someday..God bless you..You’re the best…..

      • http://roscoestudio.com roxcoe

        laugh all you want consumers.

    • http://kendricklamar.org/kendrick-lamar-biography/ Angel

      My uncle used to play basketball with you in Compton and y’all went to the same school.

      • http://Browser Viwe Mshweshwe

        Mx’m f*ck this arrogant and ambitious Kendrick Lamar which thought is the best over Drake.Beside Drake is from Canada just liten the music Drake is the best even by this morning over the music as whole.

  • http://www.dmexpressions.net Cusp ” The Polymath”

    I was browsing thru Youtube and ran across your freestyle for XXL. You are a true lyricist at its core. You speak uncommercialized truth that brings knowledge to the unconscious. I applaud you in your journey my brotha.
    -Cusp “The Polymath”

  • Hiro

    Peace. Been listening to your music since the begining of the year but i been hearing Jay Roc and a few other LA artist for about 2 years now. Im from Boston but i respect ya Grind, Struggle, and Messege. Your music is sure to get embraced In Boston…Also Keep Putting them 3’s in the air!

    • Alban

      So real

      • http://Toxicwap.com Bucks

        My grandfther like basketbll but you disapnt hm eish

  • Fresh

    If J. Cole speaks highly of you then I know my thoughts are correct. Hip Hop is very much alive. Stay raw, stay real, stay true. Amazed with the sound. Reminds me of Big L on a lot of tracks.

    • Cheryl Turner

      Couldn’t agree more..

      • vanessa green

        they both rawwww as a bish!!!

  • Ibn

    Substance Music Kendrick. You are substance, and you know it. We jus fans shootin you air in the Room!! Constant repitition=Progress

  • Josh

    Kendrick, man you have some serious talent. Your speaking the truth, everything your saying is so relevant to what’s going on with generation Y. Im glad we have someone to speak up for us, I can finally relate to music again. I hope your music gets out there so our generation will wake up. I have so much respect for what your doing and saying….keep it up, we all need this.

    • http://www.scoutfortruth.com Scout B. Loved


      Kendrick IS speaking up for us, and he’s inspiring new people every day. He’s helped to change my life and given me the courage to speak UP after I WOKE UP. That’s awesome that you’ve found music again through his lyrics; music and art will save our souls. But I want to tell you: YOU can speak up for us. I WILL speak up for us. It is our duty, we’re 80’s babies after all. Generation Y has been lied to long enough. The time for silence is over. Time is all now my friend. Scout out your Truth and spread it around, watch as the Light that starts to shine out changes the World around you. A wise man said to me, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”.

      That man is in prison and he’s spouting Truth to anyone who will listen. If he can do it, then we better get to it or die from the ‘food’ poisoning that is seeping into every corner of our culture. Have you eaten McDonald’s lately? The Olympics $ponsors them. The International icon of ‘godlike athleticism’ is in bed with a food chain whose product made a man vomit on television after eating too much of their food. Gross.

      But it tastes so good! And that’s the way they trap us. It’s just like he says, “you die from diabetes if these other niggas wrote it”. He is not lying, or speaking only metaphorically. They suck us in with bright lights, loud noises, tasty treats, and lies all day long. Fuck that. Chicken nuggets always make my mouth feel weird afterwards anyway.

      Point is, if you’re inspired by his music, that means you have something to say about it and there is a reason for that. Start talking about it, loudly, to anyone who will listen. You’d be surprised at how many are just waiting to hear some Truth, served up with a little empathy and perspective. We’re thirsty, remember? The Spirit lives in each one of us and is just begging to be unleashed. Imagine the power we’d have against those who have sold their souls if we synced ours UP. Tell your story, share your Light, help spread the Word and stay strong because we are HiiiPower.

      Happy Hunting,

      ~Scout B. Loved

    • lexis

      thats so true he is so talented i love poetic justice just kendrick in general his style his smile i LOVE u kendrick ur biggist fan lexis

    • Michael Haven

      Hell ya man keep spreading K Dot as far as he can go. He is honestly the best thing for hip hop/rap now

    • panashe

      kendrick touched my heart……all the way to zimbabwe ….mad respect..

  • syd

    yo…my couzin handed me a copy of Kendrick Lamar
    Ep, and that is what i bump to everyday yo. I can personally relate to your story and i have never come across such a lyricist as yourself…wish you all tha best and by the way…i come from South Africa…the other side of the globe, thats how far your music has reached. peace

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  • david trujillo

    kendrick your the next big thing i love your music im only 15 i might not know much about rap but i know a great lyrisist when i see one and you are my idol hope to hear so colabs with lupe

    • http://pocketband.net/seanbloomfield Sean aka vibes

      Yo keep up the good work bro your songs are real life situations and thats real, I create music check out this website pocketband.net and type in my full name is the search bar no spaces seanbloomfield and tell me what you think, aight bro keep dropping hits

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/rhymeskeem Michael Nnebe, Jr.

    The writer of this is really dope. Kendrick the way your planning your rise is genius. Freaking genius. I feel you on struggling with a relationship with God tho. It’s a crazy feeling. You know God watches everything you do and instead of not caring, it gets to you. I’ll be praying for ya bro!

    • http://KendrickLamarmixtapeq Shakera

      I LOVE KENDRICK LAMAR nd he is my favorite rapper I hope I meet him in real life one day!!!!!!!

    • Michael Haven

      Excellent point man. Im religious too but its so hard being caught up in the vanities of partying and shit. Having kendrick rap about the same struggles that we all have as well as those that accompany growing up in Compton make me feel like he is special human being. He was meant to change lives

  • Alonzo aka KiddFlame

    Kendrick, I found out about you when you dropped “Cartoons & Cereal”. I started to search you up. I found “Hiiipower” and you instantly overshadowed Drake as my favorite rapper. Youve opened my eyes and my mind And I look forward to working with you one day. Youre a young legend bro. Youre the face of our young generation.

  • Alonzo aka KiddFlame

    And if you ever get the time, look me up on Youtube and tell me what you think? Look up mrscottyboy713 and listen to a couple tracks? (maybe listen to “187” I did last night) Keep up the great work on revealing the truth!

  • Chandler Espinoza

    Kendrick, what i admire about you is that you don’t reach unreasonably far for three or four syllable rhymes. you stick to the flow and the story, which is the true essence of music. if i want to hear heavy spitting i’ll listen to Hopsin or Eminem. But when i want to get in touch with the true emotions of a deep thinker, i bump ‘Cartoon and Cereal.’ By the way, that is the only song i been fuxxin with lately that actually makes me paint a mental image of your life. your methods of self expression are so original. and i’m certain i’m not the only one who experiences this visual phenomenon, or else i would be the only comment here. thank you for keepin hip hop alive for all the right reasons. so many people have beautiful thoughts and no confidence to voice them. your music is hope. Love, Chandler W. Espinoza

  • izzy trix

    I discovered u on take care yur freestyle buried alive no homo I right then fell in love with your lyrics your voice your whole perception of the world I got section 80 and I want to be just like you rap til im 45 I dont want anything fancy yes ill buy it but I just wanna support my family but im sure u dont care but im just sayin thanx for your music cause this is the only thing encouraging me to keep going well good day p.s im doin wat u said buildin my own pyramids writing my own hieroglyphs hiiipower

  • Robert J Wilko

    Yo Kendrick thanx for that joint “determined”,That’s how good of a joint it is ,cuz that’s message is deep to grasp,but I listen to it eryday…Lmao
    But I thank u for reals man…matter of fact I’m from the east of the beach so we next door,I feel u

  • Mia

    Kendrick I came across your ADHD song as I was searching for material to work with out students with ADHD lol. Anywho, I am 30 and not into rap like I was when I was younger. But That A.D.H.D song/video has a vibe that I really felt. You are talented and stop fighting God , lol he’s messing with you for a reason, you have a gift and he wants the glory with it. -Blessings and Take care-


    Kendrick,when my brother made me listen to you back in late 2010,I was like this dude is straight FIRE. Since then you have released nothing but greatness. Your flow is something that I’ve never heard before,it’s different. I love how you’re so humble,working with some of the best you never let that get to your head.I just love your music all together point.blank.

  • abdulhakeem

    kendrick u outta dis world..ur words get me tinkin evriday..dnt fight God,he’s d reason ur got millions of fans,lyrically insane nd gone sell trillions of copies inshAllah.i listen to ur songs lyk evriday,even ma moms feelin dem..”faith” d bomb..all d way 4rm westafrica,northern nigeria..

  • Simphiwe known as cmp

    Oh wel uhm loving every word on every track u have and been featured on
    got to know ur musik by my gf oh well u killing it and no-one speaks better hip hop than u and wale
    keep them cuming and and keep those words intact
    #much love

  • Ndamu Nesh

    Hiii power down to 5 fingers of death I knew you were a blessing a gift . All your songs make me happy , I follow your music like kids following Ben 10 . Dear kendrick please don’t stop hip hop Needs you an you really are the next big star , you realy are the next Tupac an B.I.g they can say whatever they can say but to me you will always be the best there ever was an the best there to be . Kendrick you are my Hip Hop god .

  • http://kendricklamar.org/kendrick-lamar-biography Ravon

    keep making albums there gitting good so far man every body likes your miusec keep it up.

  • http://kendricklamar.org/kendrick-lamar-biography lavender

    i like your music keep it up

  • http://kendricklamar.org/kendrick-lamar-biography javon

    i like your songs man keep it up

  • ThatKidd Oscarr

    Kendrick.. your my favorite rapper, i dont give two fucks about anyone else. i cant go a day without listening to one of your songs. No homo. Your a lyrical genius. i look up to you, to me your my role model. ive been listening to you, way before you became famous. My favorite song would be “Look Out For Detox” or “ADHD”. i just thought i should share that on your website… RNS KEndrick keep doing your thing.

  • Monique Bomarc

    Kendrick I love real and REAl is what you Are.I respect when you speak from the heart thats true hip hop. Tupac was real rap that man spoke real life sitiations no lie. I truly a fan of yours. Im from Vallejo,CA and I am waiting for you to blow up. You are the FUTURE.

  • walter

    hey wats good salute to you dat u made it only becuz we know the man up obove never fails us right? but anyway im 18 young very talented imma singer u should check me out somtime hit my line im from and live in dallas tx soo keep doing ya thang man salute walter …..aka mamoon ya digg but music its my passion and some dat i wake up too and go too sleep too and i knw it kills rappers like you cuz ya nvr meet a young talentive 18 year who can sing dance all in 1 soo good bless you 469-335-7219 walter

  • cleopatra

    OMG, im so in love with your music, keep on being Real

  • Jonathan

    Who could describe Kendrick any better than he himself :)

  • http://Kendricklamar.org Shellshock


  • Ugbade manuel iwuchi

    Kendrick lemar is what hip hop is been waiting 4 u so so on point my brotha ur rhyming is simply outa dis world love what u did with j cole big krit on dj khaled tracks.Am an upcoming mc here in nigeria am looking 4ward 2 working wif u one day Good kid maad city hip hop is alive yo heard……..

  • chris

    my homeboys been tawkin bout ooh u some ass wtf is a swimming pool full of liquor and u dive….i had to put dem on blast and b like my nigga u on some real fucked up shit 4 u 2 think that kendrick is ass….i listen 2 u wen im down and even wen im high…I FUCK WIT YAH!!

  • beckii

    Yor wat we needed. We still got these little kids and some grown fold thinkin lil Wayne and Drake are “the shitt!” And they’re alright , dnt get me wrong , but yor the TRUTH! We need that in this world. Your lyrics speak some of our lives. Your going somewhere, nd I jus hope you don’t forget how you came. Stay true.

  • http://KendrickLamar.org Panashe Mutombo

    One of the best rappers alive Kendrick Lamar. one his best songs she needs me. I don’t know if its your motto Family God and Honor. Its good to know that there is a rapper out there who believes in God and loves his Parents. And hiiipower is the best song ever. Thank God for you Mr Lamar

  • Mariaah Frausto

    i love you kendrick, since when i heard tammys song i as in love with your music! you’re inspirational to me! love you, keep doing ya thang!

  • Rosetta’s STONED

    Kendrick…I think i’ve become obsessed. I cannot stop listening to his music. So raw, so real, so DAMN good. sheeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fuggu

      u dummmmmb foreal

  • Artsyfemale

    Kendrick you are the TRUTH. I feel so late because i just found out about you when swimming pools came out. You give just the right amount of conscious and street. New fan fo life !!

  • Christina

    Kendrick in my opinion is todays Tupac. We need more artist like him. He is very rare for today, for he has real talent and isnt afraid to be himself(unique). His looks help as well! Kendrick is the realest and I will always be a fan! <3


    Mr. Lamar First of all I want to say that you are going to be around for a long time. Im a little older than you but I have been dying of thirst for the as long as I can remember. I have had many life journeys and I always listen to God when he speaks to me and he put it on my heart to write you. I know that since you have shot through the stratosphere in this Rap game there are lots of coat trailers therefore I apologize in advance for taking you up on your offer as you look for new talent. I will begin to attempt to get you my journey with my music, but also I am a proud father of four really talented kids who are beginning their journey as well in music. I will put together a nice package and send to the address in you CD cover. I pray it gets to you and if nothing else I would only like your feed back on the material I send, not for me as much as for my seeds. God bless and if it’s meant we will be in touch. 1!

  • finishline

    Hear me out Mr. Kendrick Lamar, I am sick of all this bullshit rap and i finally found someone i can listen to. i know you may still be “expplicit” but i do enjoy your musc and i am from a hard working family not alot of money poor and the only reason i think we have food on the table is cuz my pops died as a kid and thatis why i amfed and clothed and i think i have some singing talent but i’ll never know without a real hip hop/ rap artists opinion so you wanna hear anything or ever need a guy im here dont expect a rapper but i can sing so i dont think you would be able to use me but if you want my email is troygillisevil28@yahoo.com man please you would make me so big around in NY man hit me up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/latriviadagamebeengoodtomemcmorris La’Trivia


  • Gavin (White Ink)

    Kendrick man, I honestly dont know if you will read this yourself but i know rappers can rap about anything, but lately people just rap about puussy, money and cars. Im sick of it. or i was until i met your music. It has really put change in me. You and Mac Miller are the only reason why i rap to this day. Im tryna step my game up in Richmond Va. I rap. Dont post much on the internet though. People say my metaphors are pretty legit. Im working on a mixtape now called the Ink In This Pen. Keep up your talent Kendrick. I prey for you and your family. Im out.

  • Jasmin Rose

    Wow, you’re working for the good side… You give me hope. ..

  • Mwawi Freshmatik Lungu

    i never knew rap would get this much better…!!buh big up to u kendrick ur jus amazing in the rap industry n u cant b compared to the big seans ur jus way better…

    Thats my opinion

  • noorie

    Kendrick ur amazing…..ur freestyles are wow.I love ur songs and U….adhd,faith,swimming pools(drank).big up

  • sam-x

    i like your flaws and your haircuts. next year you will be the best rapper alive because your flaws are tight and i am also happy that you like to worship god

  • Joe

    Just another rap attist.guaranteed he wont b famous at 45the like he said.saw him on s.n.l. thought he was terrible

  • Softwiz

    Hey man ure da best lyricist alive u gt swag

  • Kang.Guru.One

    Shitz to real. stay on it.

  • http://google Wayne(a.k.a. KNowME)

    When i found the album Good kid M.A.D City the only expectation I had was that the sound would be more West Coast and definable of what you hear in Cali. I was not only suprized to hear Kendrick was a plesant blend of east coast and west as well as the creativity to blend a southern swag. Each song simply crafted with the highs and lows of his day to day life. The pain in the storys peppered with the innocence of the fun free sprit of the singles. One after anouther each song woven into each other tell the story of a brilliant and trully gifted artist who whoos suffering and growth are being displayed for your entertinment and education. The Tupac referances are very fair and not just due to the love he had for the community to which Tupac was so famously attached, but because what was so remarkable about Tupac was his abilty to tie himself into the music he made. Kendrick ws that abilty and it is refreshing to see. Hip-hop will live on through this revolution of young talent coming out now. From Kendrick, to Drake, Wale, to Jay Cole.

  • zanzibar rasley

    kendric lamar your songs are rocking u remind me 2pac…you are a real nigga like 2pac..keep it up bro!

  • http://google SHOWOFF

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaa bumpe them other rappers you that real shit escuse my language

  • http://yahoo SHOWOFF


  • http://yahoo SHOWOFF

    i like your songs

  • http://yahoo SHOWOFF

    illlllllllllsmmdskdklsksm you know how we do

  • http://GOOGLE AREANA


    • vanessa green


  • emmanuel kabeya

    Yo kendric am lovin your lyrics man you are a tru hip hop hero I’ve never heard such a lyricist since biggie and pac keep up your work iam a rapper and I myself can’t compare with your tallent I wish I could get to your level am from zambia a country in africa so you know that you are now around the world peace!!!!

  • dy

    Kendrick Lamar is the chosen one :) or one of the chosen few. He is now responsible for leading the youth and he’s doing a really good job so far. I bet even Drake can look at this dude and appreciate the power of God manifesting in he’s music. Feels like butterflies. If only there was a place in this m.A.A.d city a kid can go…

    • dy

      Makes me think… Dr Dre is the real sensei master splinter for spotting him. *Shout out to Mr. Young.* Proud that something good is coming. Look forward to music in general after this dude. Feel a shroom trip to this. The Recipe.

  • pompa


  • Aramis Hamer

    Was inspired to paint by “Money Trees”. Check out the YouTube video of the finished product: http://youtu.be/GWLixqPTyh4

    Huge fan of your work!! Please continue to inspire us, Kendrick…

  • http://www.goggle.com mz_lamar

    O.M.G….cnt belive der is someone like kendrick lamar ur so cool,handsome,fresh….so many words 2 describe u..tho..lyk ooh my God ur awesum ur lines r on point they make sense ur flows are tight mmhmm…especialy ur poetic justice…I made sure I learnt ur lines in one day…like rite nw ur ma husband I luv u so much nd still kip in torch wif jesus.p.s

  • http://Facebook.com/therealglamrock Janae

    Marry Me Kendrick

  • KweenBeeh

    K. Lamar come though n the game wit his own swagg of music n bus they heads.close minded muhfukrz look confused wen I bump it.real tlk best rapper since tupac died.
    #ain’t no other tupac
    #ain’t no other Kendrick Lamar

  • Erica

    Ever since I first heard your music I was hooked.I been waiting for music like this to come back.Actually somebody talkin bout something.An for u to be so young doin it is amazing. Keep doin what u doin

  • TYEA


  • kyle

    sik guy sold out uk tour

  • Alexander Chavez

    hi kendrick :) love your music! bye.

  • Nicole B.

    I absolutely LOVE your music Kendrick!!! I listen to GKMC everyday…….it’s crazy because the last time I listened to a rap album like that was when Ready to Die came out. You are extremely talented, and your going to make it all the way to the top.

    Much love,

    One of you biggest fans, Nicole B.

  • kayla lois

    i love kendrick he inspiring and i luvvvvvvvvvv his :)

    • kayla lois

      hes my every thing

      • vanessa green

        mine too!!!

  • ali

    king of my jungle, swear to remain humble.

  • tapiwa makany

    Kendrick you the only who knows what rap is not what wayne does his album i am not human being II (porn album ) what the hell is that taking an example Wowzers is that rap

  • Toriiiiiiiii

    I’ve been listening to Kendrick for a while now. Only artist that moves my spirit when i hear his words. The only other thing that does that to me is the word of God. I believe in this mans purpose.

  • http://zippybeat.com/paul-killey-closer/ ZippyBeat

    You undoubtedly allow it to become seem so simple with all your speech however I find this matter for being definitely one thing i always believe I’d personally never have an understanding of. It seems way too complicated as well as vast in my opinion. Now i’m taking a look ahead of time with your subsequent upload, I most certainly will try and get the hang than it!

  • TyGovan

    I don’t know if you remember me cuz, you were 9 and I was about 15 months old. My mom was married to your cousin Andre. I always knew about you even though we left Los Angeles, my mom would talk about uncle Kenny’s wall of music and how much she loves your momma. Saying she could throw down some real good food and was the best hostess. She said you were more into your computer back then lol we’re all coming to your concert in a few days, me, my sister, little brother, and hopefully your cousin Vincent’s son Terrence. I just wanted to let you know that you really are my hero. My mom took us out of Cali to where her family is in Utah, so we ended up sheltered from the struggle. I like to write too. Mom said she loved the days the family would get together, cousins, uncle’s, aunties, everyone…just freestylin flow, back and forth just clownin, each other and laughing. I wish I had the chance to get to know you growing up. I’m almost 17 now. Mom’s taking us to go visit everyone in June. Vegas and Cali. You really have true raw talent, and I’m real proud of you and the attitude you have. Mom always taught us, “your attitude determines how you feel” I look forward to finally meeting you. When you meet my sister you should ask her to sing, she had some rough raw talent too. She’s another hero. She had cystic fibrosis. A fatal disease with no cure, but you’ll never find her feeling sorry for herself, she’s a star that just seems to light up everyone around her. Her dream it’s too make it big someday too, mom says she can do anything she sets her mind to, but she still suffers a little stage fright lol anyway thanks cuz for all the inspiration. Love ya

  • http://Kendricklamarbiography juan

    I don’t know where to start , Kendrick I’ve heard lots of rappers, But ever since started listening to you I…..lets just say your music changed my life , to hear one person display his feelings and thoughts in a flow of words , its just genius. And to explain the misfortunes in your life not caring what other human beings think , your truly the realest soul to take foot on this planet. My life is pretty messed up and I truly don’t think that any other human being can understand me

    • vanessa green

      tht some one will come around ,I love Kendrick too!!!!!

  • http://soundcloud.com/dj-stronki-sa DJ P STROKEZ

    KENDRICK IS THE BEST.keep that up dawg,u know there are always haters on earth but move on man.dont care abowt wat we think.wat u doin is great.i love your music.

  • http://google Sierra

    Kendrick Lamar is the new Andre300 with that wired ass voice and music lyrics but what more can i say bout a rapper

  • Kudakwashe dada

    23rd century poetry 2 e core..sm deep shit ere Lamar..u an inspiration mate..kip t real..thot tupac had gone with e vibe..africa iz wre we listening 2 ur music…

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    I really enjoy Kendrick lamar music he a cold peice on da mic love lookin forward to meet him soon tx. Gurl shai keep up da great work luv u

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    Kendrick I love your music and you’re so sexy. Please come to Oakland so I could see you in person and we could make it happen ❤❤❤

  • kandis

    if only you can read my comments i loveeee you omg! come FL i love you Kendrick!

  • Danielle

    Kendrick I Really Love You And Your Music.! I’m Only 14 But It Seems Like I’ve Known You For Awhile/.! It’s Like I Get To Know You Through Your Music..!! Nd Now I Wanna Meet You Nd Just Tlk..! Ya Knw.! You Inspire Me To Be Different.! I’ve Only Been To Los Angeles Once To Visit My Dad’s Side.! We Went all through compton nd i never knew what was going on.! I Was Like Four But I’m 14 Now Nd I Finnaly Understand Whats Goin On.! Ayee I Love You Nd I.m Not On Of Your Fan-Crazed Scream In YOur Face But I Definitley Respect You.! <3 Thnx For Speaking Out Tho.! Oh Your Smile Is D O P E.! Had To Be Said lololol.! Youre Amzing Nd I Hope You Stay Makin Albums Til Your 50.! Matter Of Fact…. YOU WILL.! I Belive In You ND the world is finally coming to their senses..! so your never gonna be old news nd i consider you a modern tupac as well.! LOVE YOU.! -Danielle Reed

  • sally kay tush

    whenever i read anything bouh kendrick i feel like am reading my journal, so much similarity. I pray 4 yu, and He wil always be with you.

  • Issy

    I must confess that I am in love with your music Kendrick. I love it because it narrates a story that most of us growing up in impoverishment share. I want to thank you for being an inspiration for me, my students & clients. My ears will always be open to real good music.

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    I would like to interview Kendrick Lemar,, though it would be more like a reunion with my brother from the universe I LOVE K.DOT (as an artis) k.dot cAN I GET THAT INTERVIEW I GOT SOME DEEP QUESTIONS TO ASK OF YA! HIIIPOWER

  • sugalo7

    How much to book Kendrick Lamar to do a show in NY?

  • Cassandra Torres

    Hello, My Name is Cassandra, for some reason, I am so drawn to you. I know you hear things like this alot but its a strange feeling. I really admire that you acknowledge God, I struggle to stay purewith God too.I know that if we meet up one day we can change the world -our world . The world we live. I’m from South Gate. Well it was worth a shot get at me cassyt224@gmail.com

  • Mjay Molope

    Kendrick Lamar u r the dopest dope the music industry has ever had and u are truely an inspiration to a young rapper like me Nigga I have the greatest respect for u and I hope that oneday I’ll be able to collaborate with you so that we can make good music.
    From Kid JU in South Africa

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    I love you and your music I feel like, your my best friend! And your a huge inspiration, hopei meet you: D

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    My brother I’m from South Africa (Durban).I am so lookin farward to see you perfoming live I need some info about your in S.A peace



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    You sexy, young, black ass lil nigga! You lucky I’m old enough to be ya moms. The shit I’d do to yo fine black african, mandingo warrior lookin ass…they’d throw my ass up under the jail! FOH!! Damn, they didn’t make’em like you back in the day! Respect due..One!

  • moebien aka moba 4rm South Africa,P.E

    they sky is falling the wind is calling stand for something or die in the morning.. i feel it with you k.d even thou im in the struggle to figure my realness my thoughts are raising in a higher piticular order due to my actions i keep the faith and stay strong..keep up the good work listening to u makes it easy for me to relate with god!

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    I Love you Kendrick and I pray I meet you some day! Hope god takes you really far. Your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!

  • LovinKaelynn

    Kendrick Kendrick Kendrick!!! I love u hopefully I get to meet u one of these days while u r on tour. U prob won’t have time to tlk to me but I LOVE to sing and wud love to sing wit u in one of your new or a remix to one of your other songs. “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” is one of my favorite songs beside ” Money Trees” . When I first got ya mix tape even wit that song where u had a raspy voice I played the shyt outa ya cd my sister hated it lol. But if u ever do come on your page I would love a response from u or u can just hit me up personally (860-748-2285)

  • LaShauna Ashley Eskeets

    Kendrick Lamar.. I know you’d probably never read this, but just knowing that I’m commenting on your website; is enough to make the butterflies in my stomach flutter like crazy. (: I just want you to know.. that you’re my absolute MOST favorite rapper right now. You inspired me so much that I even thought I could be a rapper just like you. Pretty odd, but yeah. Kendrick Lamar? I just thought I’d tell you that I fucking love the way you rap. I chose you over all the other rappers to listen to every day. Your music is pretty much on an A+ level compared to ‘em other rappers out there. I’m so excited to hear more of your music. I mean you had me smiling when I read that you want to still want to be making music when you’re 40! I absolutely just fell in love with your music. :D So much that you had me looking everywhere for anything I can wear with your name on it! I mean, I’d even get your name tattooed somewhere on my hand. /. It’s crazy how you can make a fan somewhere in the world love & care for you so much.. that all she talks about is your music & how you rap; that you made her look at Compton just like how other kids look at Paris & The Great Wall of China.. yes, because it’s a place where her favorite rapper grew up; I care for you so much that you have me hoping everyday you didn’t get into the music industry like how ‘em other people did. I hope you didn’t. :( Well, Kendrick Lamar.. I hope one day to meet you; just like the other people that commented on here wrote; I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet you! (: Alright. Well, last but not least.. I love you Kendrick Lamar, so much that I can’t imagine being a huge fan for no one else! (:

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    Schoolboys album was garbage

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