Kendrick Lamar – Buried Alive

The elephant in the room when it comes to features happens to be Kendrick Lamar. There’s no other way around it. Compton Kendrick has taken over albums from The Game, Jay Rock and others and reduced them to afterthoughts. It’s made the winds of his appearance on Drake’s Take Care album feel like the brisk slaps of “here we go again”.

Pushing through “Marvin’s Room” leads to the hidden gem that is “Buried Alive”. Kendrick’s obsession with somber production and twisting tales of life, death and the area in between finds itself as the common theme. He slithers his way through the production with little to no pauses, once again giving the people what they want, a show stealing verse on somebody else’s much more lauded album.

The affiliation he’s been groomed into with Drake and being a part of the upcoming tour featuring he & ASAP Rocky fuels speculation that an ideological deal could be in the works. That’s hearsay but for now, take heed to Kendrick’s words through submerged earth.

Download Kendrick Lamar – Buried Alive Here

Kendrick Lamar – Buried Alive

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