Kendrick Lamar Came Up In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial?

Kendrick Lamar Came Up In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial?

Say what? Over at Hip Hop Wired, they have a write up about Kendrick Lamar being talked about at the Oscar Pistorius trial over in South Africa. He’s that guy known as Blade Runner because he ran in the Olympics even though he only has prosthetic legs.

Anyway, it was a bit odd that Kendrick came up during his murder trial, but it was interesting enough we thought we should mention it and see what K-Dot’s fans think of the situation. As you probably know, Oscar’s being charged with shooting and killing his girlfriend,┬áReeva Steenkamp, about a year ago.

Basically, Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe came up in some text message evidence brought up in the trial, which has been going on for a while now. The whole thing was a bit random, but CNN was on the case and mentioned it on their website in a report.

Here’s what CNN posted about the court mentions of K-Dot.

“I’m scared of you sometimes and how u snap at me and of how you will react to me. You make me happy 90% of the time and I think we are amazing together but I am not some other b*tch you may know trying to kill your vibe. I am the girl who let go with u even when I was scared out of my mind to. I’m the girl who fell in love with u and wanted to tell u this weekend. But I’m also the girl that gets sidestepped when you are in a sh*t mood.” -

Oscar went on to explain what he really meant.

“I was upset that you just left me after we got food to go talk to a guy and I was standing right behind you watching you touch his arm and ignore me. And when I spoke up you introduced me which you could’ve done but when I left you just kept on chatting to him when clearly I was upset. I asked Martin to put on that Kendrick Lamar album in the car and don’t know it. Granted that it was a sh*t song but you should’ve just lent forward and whispered in my ear to change it seeing as I had to drive to pick up your friend.”

What do you think? Leave a comment below then go check out the latest Kendrick Lamar gear we have up for sale. Peace and Hiii Power.

Kendrick Lamar Came Up In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial?

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