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Kendrick Lamar Contest – Free Merch!

Want To WIN Some FREE Kendrick Clothing?

You heard us right.  This is your time to WIN FREE Kendrick Lamar merch EXCLUSIVELY from KendrickLamar.org.
We his fans have always been doing our part to represent and support Kendrick’s every move as he strengthens his legacy as the King of the West Coast.  To celebrate February, we have set up a contest for his fans to win FREE MERCH!  It’s simple, just do one of the following items below:


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  • sam

    I love kendrick because his beats are really soulful and really carry the message of his songs that are fronted by his lyricism that is going to make him a legend. When I first listened to swimming pools it was cool how he could deliver such an amazing message in so few words while having the beat in the backround that sounds woozy and the snare reminds me of like a really intense bass you might hear at a party that just kind of gets on your nerves and throws you off. Like this isn’t the right environment for me and I know it. Sing about me nearly brings me to tears.

    Kendrick is just everything I expect when I go to hear a good rap artist. Good kid Maad City deserves an oscar not that weak ass grammy shit.

  • Tyrese

    I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar for two reasons: First, his songs affirm that as an artist music should reflect your life or the lives of those you care about, and that inspires me to keep writing. Two, his technical ability and lyricism are above and beyond most hip-hop artists out right now, for that reason he makes me want to get better, how can an emcee be satisfied knowing someone is KILLLING him every time he jumps on a beat.

  • https://soundcloud.com/phalyce-enima-cheap-dope phalyce enima

    I’m an aspiring rapper myself and its cool to see someone with such bare talent get money for it, in my experience most of the REALLY good rappers tend not to get noticed, kendrick is an exception his flow is incredible…. reminiscent of Big Boi (but less southern) respect from the UK onelove

  • Caleb

    The man’s lyrics are incredible. And his delivery brings them to life, amazing.

  • Eric Payton

    I am a kendrick lamar fan, because he has finally shown the industry that the west is back and can still be a force in the rap game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lakeyahsanchez Ms.Sanchez

    King Kendrick speaks life through his words…..I feel like I am on a music high when I listen to Kendrick’s music…. :*)

  • Chiamaka

    It’s energetic music

  • Trina

    Im a fan because his music i can vibe to. It sends me into a whole other world. When i hear it i cant help but sing along. And feel where he’s coming from and what he has been through. Its all in his lyrics. Life isnt easy and he conveys that through his lyrics. Two of my fav songs is B***h dont kill my vibe and Poetic Justice. I jus cant help but feel something when I hear these 2 songs. Kendrick you are a great lyricist and thats why Im a fan of yours!!! Keep putting out great music and COME to Texas :)

  • John

    Im a Kendrick Lamar fan because hes the next great entity to be born out of the ashes of good lyrical rap, with deep meaning and a crazy ass flow. His rhymes never cease to catch my attention and my respect to him is plenty.

  • juliane

    Because he’s fucking random nigga. FUCKING RANDOM. I love him, his music wanna makes me fucking shit outside and wear some kicks all day long.

  • Meghen

    I’m a Kendrick fan because I feel that he is the freshest and most talented artist out right now. His music and beats are soulful. It is has meaningful and truth, and is real. He is who he is and rose above. I feel he is a true inspiration and more young people should listen to his music and gain some insight from it.

  • Sergio

    men i really love kendrick lamar because his music is soo real and innovative. I’m form spain and here there aren’t people to make music like kendrick.that’s why i am a fan of him

  • linda

    I love kendrick because the kids in my school love his music. He appears to be a good role model. He is real enough that they relate to him. They would love to have a picture of him. But I don’t know where to ask. If anyone knows could you tell me?

  • Caitlyne

    I am a fan of Kendrick Lamar because I feel like when I listen his music, I can actually connect with him. Unlike most artists these days, he seems to write music from the heart. He is inspiring and no matter the mood I am in, listening to his music always puts me in a better one.

  • Andreas


    Forgot to say this but… You guys should make a kendrick lamar app! Lyrics, pics, concert dates, new songs/projects and other news.

    Ill buy that!


  • Tameka

    I’m a fan because Kendrick speaks the truth. It’s what our generation needs at the moment. His music is the best. He a true spitter or lyricist, however you would like to say it. I can listen to ALL of Kendrick’s music daily which I have on several occasions. He really needs to come to Memphis or somewhere close to it CAUSE WE NEED THAT HiiiPower love. :)

  • Estela

    I’m a Kendrick Lamar fan because his music is very hip pop, has a stillmatic feel “nas” and his mentor Dr.Dre stroy telling. I love rappers that tells a story in his song and for the name of the song to make sense with the song and Kendrick Lamar has that. He is a very talented young man and thats why Im a Kendrick Lamar Fan Hiiiiiii Powerr ! TDE

  • Logan

    Kendrick is true rap and not a sellout

  • Martin Abbedissen Fauskanger

    I’m a fan of Kendrick because his music makes a bad day a good day. His lyrics is way better then a lot of the other artist out there. He is smart and makes songs about things that matters and that makes you think. I mean really, it makes you think a lot. And of course the beats are dope to, but for me the deeper meaning is amazing in Kendrick’s style.

  • http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Talksicc PeteNutt

    I am A fan for a few reasons, first and foremost the music as a whole is great in every way. Second the best coast, third and also most relevant he has a posative message and speaks on day to day that we all can relate to.

  • ajasimonee

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because what he raps of is real. He has the versatility to do a broad range of rap styles and the musicality of his flow takes me away every time I listen to one of his songs. He raps to fight against ignorance and he is amazing at what he does. He is my favorite lyricist hands down and forever. I can listen to him all day everyday no matter how I’m feeling. I just love him. What he does is beautiful.

  • Andrew

    I love Kendrick because he is not like any other rappers. He has meaning behind his words, and gets that meaning across.

  • Jackie

    I am a fan of Kendrick Lamar because although he radiates West Coast, we have love for him all the way here in Chicago! He is also a lyrical genius and is actually one of the few true rappers of our current generation. All the other rappers are the same, but Kendrick talks real and his music makes you feel real while you’re listening. So talented and can’t wait to hear more of him in the future! ADHD NATION

  • campiece

    I like Kendrick Lamar because he’s so fucking real! you dont get that shit from other rappers! Especially now a days

  • Jacqueline

    I’m a Kendrick Lamar fan because he is one of the best, and realest, artists out there right now. When I listen to his music I drift off into a world of my own and forget about everything around me. His music is meaningful and the lyrics he writes are as truthful as an artist can get and his beats are absolutely incredible. Kendrick brought life back to the hip-hop/rap game and is one of the best out there! Kendrick’s brought meaning back to the term “hip-hop” music. There’s a story behind every song he writes and his music is a one of a kind. Artists like Kendrick don’t come around all too often and I am glad to say that I can’t wait for him to grow even more as an artist. That’s why I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar.

  • Miracle

    Since I first heard Growing Apart, I’ve been a Kendrick fan ever since! He has dope lyrics, amazing style, and he’s fine too lol. But overall, I love his lyrics and how he paints stories so vividly. He loves and embraces where he’s from, and is very humble!

  • JMCJ

    I love Kendrick Lamar because his lyrics reach out to people of all backgrounds. He is an admirable portrayal of how someone can grow out of the difficult situations he’s lived through. Not only is he an example of success, he gives back to the community he’s from, he is humble, and he gives hope to others.

  • Kenny

    I love kendrick because his beats are really soulful and really carry the message of his songs that are fronted by his lyricism that is going to make him a legend. When I first listened to swimming pools it was cool how he could deliver such an amazing message in so few words while having the beat in the backround that sounds woozy and the snare reminds me of like a really intense bass you might hear at a party that just kind of gets on your nerves and throws you off. Like this isn’t the right environment for me and I know it. Sing about me nearly brings me to tears.

    Kendrick is just everything I expect when I go to hear a good rap artist. Good kid Maad City deserves an oscar not that weak ass grammy shit.

  • Nani Ann

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because his music comes straight from the heart. He came up natural. Started off like every hood child starts off, in a room in the house with a ghetto studio. He’s real with his lyrics. He’s not part of all that illuminati crap! Plus he’s sexy! :D

  • Shanna

    I am a fan of kdot because his music is the truth. I’ve been with him since kendrick lamar ep. His music always gets me in a good mood and I’m so happy he is where he is now. He worked hard to get the title , and he deserves it. His music is full of substance and you can actually relate and not be bored with the song. I love how he uses his voice as an instrument and how the beats are catchy.i know everything about kendrick lamar duckworth and I would love the free items even though I already have 2 t.d.e hoodies.

  • Fraser

    His flow is awesome, His beats are immense, and I’ve followed his music from his first mixtapes, he’s just incredible!!!! I haven’t always been able to support him financially, since my family is tight for money :(

  • Tyrell

    Kendrick lyrically is a mastermind, his flow is perfect but his lyrics speak true to the values that i strive to live by

  • Joey

    Kendrick Lamar is bringing meaningful and clever lyrics back into the mainstream hip-hop scene, and that is why I’m such a huge fan of him.

  • Juan

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because i really enjoy the connection he shares with us, his fans. i enjoy his lyrics, what he has to say. i enjoy his uniqueness. there’s is no one else like him. i was into old school hip-hop only for the past 23 years of my life, but he has opened me up to GOOD hip-hop. he is the reason i want to change my major to sound engineering. i love his music and all of T.D.E.

  • Eric

    lyrical genius

  • TM

    KL is easily one of the best rappers to come out of the west coast in a long time. The beats are right, the flow is tighter than most others, and most importantly, the man has soul.

    If you have soul and skill, you’re good in my book.

  • Mario

    Not to write a lot but, the man is a lyrical genius!

  • gary

    Amazing lyrics cant wait until he brings it to the Motor city

  • Ian

    Kendrick is Hip Hop

  • Kelvin

    I listen to Kendrick because he always got the perfect lines to make you go DAMNNNNNNNNN.!!!!!! He one of the greatest rappers ever and one of the stars who still got the real hip hop flow

  • DeAnna B.

    I LOVE Kendrick because he isn’t afraid to be himself. In his music he is positive and always sends a message, it’s not all about disrespecting women and selling drugs and shooting people and having sex with this one and that one. He’s just real and I love that about him. No one else in the music industry is doing what he’s doing. He’s definitely doing his thing! He’s the dopest out and I hope he continues to keep Tupac’s legacy alive! I love you K Dot!!!

  • Katie

    kendrick is R-E-A-L. and meaningful. he shares experiences, wisdom, lessons learned, hopes and dreams; he shares things that MATTER to EVERYONE.

  • Sonia Jardon

    What kind of question is that ? Haha , because he is absolutely amazing . I remember the first time I heard his song ” cut you off.” After that I was hooked on his music, there was something so different about him. I could actually feel the pain and anger in his voice when he rapped. He made me realize alot about myself by listening to his music. I really listen to his lyrics, like people think swimming pools is such a party song . But if you actually listen to Kendrick he is talking about his alcohol issues :| I can relate to that in so many ways. All I can say is I am THE KENDRICK LAMAR #1 fan <3 If I ever met him I would literally start balling , my life would be complete. Thank you Kendrick Lamar for letting me get to know myself C: <3

  • Agustin Avila

    Kendrick Lamar is the truth! Since way back when his mixtapes said K.DoT on’em. He is a lyrical genius. His songs are filled with substance and skill.(His word play is crazy!) He is a breath of fresh air for the hip hop culture. He definitely has a unique style which I respect.The subject matter in his songs I can really relate to (I was born in ’87, i’m not from Compton, but Watts is right down the street so…) When I listen to his tracks i truly feel proud. The main reason why I am indeed a Kendrick Lamar fan is because he inspires me and his music has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life, the same way how 2pacs music helps me to this day get by when I’m feeling hopeless or down. I appreciate the work he puts in and I wish him all of the success, he deserves it. I cant wait to see his legacy grow more and more ’cause this is just the beginning, he’s just getting started. Hiii Power!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dbwize dbwize

    Kendrick Lamar is dope just for being himself, and starting a dope music… i listen to my boy everyday, and listen to Black Boi Fly for motivation for school. stay you Ken folk lol

  • Brandon.B


  • http://www.delemosphoto.blogspot.com Therese de Lemos

    First of all his music touches me deeply. Listening to his music, make my hard working days less hard. He keeps me believing, that if you work hard and devote your self to your true passion, dreams do come to. He is such a big inspiration, and is a one speaking for so many voices out there, that would never be heard if it wasn’t for his lyrics, his soul and his music. His energy on stage, gives me hope, faith and so much joy.

  • Britt

    Kendrick really is a lyrical genius.

  • Destiny

    I love kendrick lamar because of a lot of things. I know all the words to every single song he raps. First off he is extra handsome ,doesn’t use as much foul language as other rappers do. His music is inspirational it speaks to me. Kendrick lamar is my idol. He’s my favorite artist. I know his birthday (June 18) and everything. Kendrick lamar is the best rapper alive All music has a message but his sticks in your head. It also has a great beat to it. I have my mom even dance to it ! In conclusion I’m definitely the biggest kendrick lamar fan I mean he is so awesome. I love kendrick lamar!

  • Ryan

    Kendrick truly puts everything he has into his music and it shows. He’s got a good message while putting out new beats and sounds. Nas was right when he said Good Kid MAAD City was the Illmatic of the century. Gotta say I liked Section .80 just as much though. He’s definitely got a sound for everyone, even my parents are into him and they hate rap.

  • thomas

    all around, true universal awsomenees.. :-)

  • che

    I love Kendrick Lamar because he really raps about real things and his words just have a way of really getting to you.I personally think that he is one of the best out rite now.

  • Joshua

    Kendrick is cool because he bring a style to rap that was dying. He makes his music seem real origional and is not afraid to leave to pop out of hip hop.

  • Emily(:

    When i first heard Kendrick Lamar’s music i instantly fell in love <3 I ended up buying his Good kid, M.a.a.d City CD and i love every song on it. Now im so hooked to his CD that i cant change CD's, his stays on repeat :) i go around talking about him all the time (: He has raps that i think anybody could relate to. Kendrick forever <3

  • Aysaria

    I love Kendrick Lamar because he actually tells stories on his music and he’s really talented with his music and lyrics and just does HIS own thing and DOESN’T CARE about what other people say about his music. He actually cares about his fans and he shows LOVE to them too.

  • andge

    kendrick’s just a dope rapper.

  • Chris Thomas

    If it wasen’t for Kendrick I wouldn’t have found myself in music the way I did he showed me that everyone has their own passion,style,and creativity when it comes to music if I had to the chance to just show him what he influenced he most likely wouldn’t believe at first but he’s my inspiraton I’ve always been dedicated to music but because him he’s boosted my dedicaton through the clouds…ALL HAIL KDOT