Kendrick Lamar On Meeting Eminem and Insights From Dre

In-Depth Kendrick Lamar Intervew

Kendrick Lamar caught hanging with Montreality.  Kendrick said he was average in terms of smartness when in school.  Kendrick had one job in his life when he was 18, but that lasted only a month before he bailed.

The key to success: work ethic, vision, and more work ethic.  Don’t put limits on yourself…you know how far you can go.

Kendrick likes to communicate with people over reading books.

Other Kendrick talents: Kendrick can ball.

Kendrick’s last meal of choice: Pussy.

Kendrick would like to work with Erykah Badu – her music is timeless.

Possible Eminem Kendrick collab?  Possible.

Jon StenstromKendrick Lamar On Meeting Eminem and Insights From Dre
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    Kendrick lemar is the enspiring artist of our time he came with his own style that touched the world