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Kendrick Lamar Free Mech Contest! Time Is Running Out!

2 DAYS LEFT: To WIN Some FREE Kendrick Clothing?

You heard us right.  This is your time to WIN FREE Kendrick Lamar merch EXCLUSIVELY from KendrickLamar.org.
We his fans have always been doing our part to represent and support Kendrick’s every move as he strengthens his legacy as the King of the West Coast.  To celebrate February, we have set up a contest for his fans to win FREE MERCH!  It’s simple, just do one of the following items below:


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  • Mariah

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because I just love him and I just can’t get enough of his raps. His songs stay on repeat on my iPod. I admire the work he does. And he inspires me to follow my dreams. No matter what people think or say. He’s not just a rapper. But, he’s a poet. In every song, he tells us how tough it was to live in those rough streets of Compton. I myself is from Compton Cali. It just amazes me that someone who grew up around the same area that I did, is someone who is so talented and real is him. Kendrick. His raps changed the way I think and the way I see things in life. Sometimes I’m having a bad day.. I go straight to my room and play some of his music. Sometimes his songs make smile and even cry. Cause I’ve been there. I know exactly what he’s talking about. I’ve been listening him for quite awhile now. I can say.. Kendrick Lamar is always amazing me. I love him. And my biggest wish before I die.. Is. To some day meet him. Hah, that’ll be the greatest day of my life.

  • Helan

    I’m a Kendrick fan because he makes some damn good music!

  • Aric

    im a KDOT fan cuzz he reps a side of hip pop that rarely anyone reps in the game, he raps about his lifestyle and history unlike the majority of the hip pop gamewhich to me there are fake ass unimportant comercial hip pop artists. i aint gunna name name cuzz i could go on for days. and the main thing that keeps me listen to his music is his ability to stay true to himself and to stay true to were he grew up and was raised consistinly repin compton every were he goes. and his music speaks for its self from hes rediciluos lyrics and ryhme scheme to his one of a kind relentless everlasting flow.

  • Dylan

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because he is unique compared to other rappers of today. His sound is just different and he puts forth lyrics with meaning and complexity all while still going in on all his tracks. Unbelievable.

  • Kelsey

    I’m a Kendrick Lamar songs because his songs are so universal and how he is able to tell a story through each of his songs. He is such a lyrical genius that it’s so easy to quickly see his talent. I loved him from Section 80 and it’s great to see him grow! Such a talented individual.

  • Angel Sauceda

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because his music is just too damn good!

  • Brittany

    I am a Kendrick Lamar fan because his music and style is different. He doesn’t try to be like anyone else or try to portray himself like a gangster or hard guy. He is true to himself and the things that he’s been through. He’s showing people that you can just be yourself and get far in life. Too many people are trying to act like they were big time drug dealers or murderers to get a deal. Just be you. I didn’t know about Kendrick until I heard him on Drake’s album but once I heard him I started listening to all his songs & I’ve been a fan since. I don’t like too many hip hop artists so you know he’s gotta be good. I have so much respect for him (and we’re the same age lol). I hope he continues to be true to himself throughout the years. :)

  • Wade

    Why am I a Kendrick fuckin Lamar fan? Don’t question Lord Lamar…

  • Gary

    I am a kendrick lamar fan because originality, Hustle, and the respect for not only what you do but the people who love to see yo do it is something me and kendrick lamar have in common. I listen to good kid, m.A.A.d city everyday and not the original version the deluxe version. Everytime i hear his lyrics i have to nod my head to it and rap along to it. He has punchlines ,delivery , a message and the thug type music along with remembering the songs for the ladies, On youtube i look up interviews from backstage, radio stations and more to get to know where he’s actually coming from and before i heard the album i went back t his old work like section.80 and overly dedicated. Its funny because when ever he’s on another persons track he beats them with his verse in my opinion he is one those artist who will not only be around for years to come but be cosidered one the best when he is done.

  • Sonia Noviango

    Can’t wait for you to come to Penn State. I don’t know you, but I’m a fan of the music because of the way i feel when i hear the sound.

  • Prince. t.k.o

    Kendrick dawg u da best ov all rappers u hav da skill i lyk ur lisp mostly and da message u send thru muziq. usin ur talent 2express hw u fe el nw dats wise. iam writtng a tatoo ov ur name on ma rigth hand plz do some colla bo wit the weekend. plz