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Kendrick Lamar Making of Real

Kendrick Lamar Making of Real

The Making Of Kendrick Lamar’s “Real”

Watch how Terrace Martin takes you behind the scenes for how him and Kendrick came up with “Real” off of good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Terrace Martin says he learned something from Kendrick: sometimes you just have to let the artist take an unfinished product and make it their own.  It is real to see the Real making of this song.  The layers, the people, Terrace says it was like a “gumbo” with all the necessary ingredients making it what it was.

Real could possibly be one of the most over looked songs off of good kid, m.A.A.d city and deserves a real look by his fans.

Next behind the scenes video of this song comes out tomorrow.  CHECK BACK AND SEE IT!

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  • Pholoso in South Africa

    The album GooD Kid Mad City is an inspiration to me because I am too a Good Guy in a Mad Getto,where we sometimes find ourselves in situations, where it doesn’t force but we adapt, but in time we learn and we get back to where we where at again, and we start again with experience this time because of growth and God on our side! Thanks for spreading out the word Kendrick, there are Brothers out there who are listening to ur tracks very Carefully like “Sing about me” and “Real” I wish in time you will perfom in South Africa and I will be there, keep up the Good Work Nigger “Real is God Nigger”!

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