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Kendrick Lamar Mixtape Download

Kendrick Lamar - Overly Dedicated

Overly Dedicated Track List

1•The Heart Pt. 2 0:00
2•Growing Apart (To Get Closer) 4:54
3•Night Of The Living Junkies 8:35
4•P&P 1.5 12:06
5•Alien Girl (Today w/ Her) 18:09
6•Opposites Attract (Tomorrow w/o Her) 22:19
7•Michael Jordan 26:42
8•Ignorance Is Bliss 32:32
9•R.O.T.C (Interlude) 36:00
10•Barbed Wire 38:43
11•Average Joe 43:09
12•H.O.C 47:24
13•Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) 52:41
14•Heaven & Hell 58:05
15•She Needs Me (Remix) 1:01:54

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  • maxine

    im a big fan of kendrick lamar
    favorite songs is hol`up n poetic justice, backseat freestyle

    • damn

      you aint no fan if you only listen to GKMC

      • kickfliper

        TRUE! Dig deep, check his all stuff.

    • http://RealHits Sean Arnold Real Kendrick Fan

      Man U ain’t no Fan fo real his best track was determined, Let me be me, Average Joe, Far From Here, and is it love and Celebrate. those are his best tracks When he really started making music. Don’t get me wrong cuz youngest nigga in charge, training day and C4 was cool but 2010 was his year den Overly Dedicated. Then Section 80. Man i have over 200 songs with kendrick lamar. Best Rapper Alive. Fan Since 09. No Joke. Yall niggaz just gettin hip. DETOX NIGGGGGAAAA. Determined gives me inspiration to do better. Thank you kendrick

      • http://RealHits Sean Arnold Real Kendrick Fan

        N if you got a problem with what i said my email is YSfamous100@gmail.com

  • Sarai relford

    U love this ish

  • AnjaliB

    Don’t have fb to like, to get mix tapes. I followed on twitter.

  • Kayla Williams

    Bro this is a hot mixtape!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

  • Jordan


  • khanya

    Am also kendrick fan and I just wanna to say to kendrick that he must keep it up cause you rock

  • casper

    Kendric lamar your shit is tight man.growing up in poverty and gang banging in southern california I love how i could relate to your songs, but Not just in those ways having a daughter and being 23 i want High Power and sometimes need to be alone.

  • Vusi

    I dont know why the new fans are being sworn at for liking Kendrick’s new songs or for only knowing them, it’s not about who listens/knew him first, its about appreciating his art, wheather its now or twenty years later…. with that said Sing about me is my favourite song… thats my life’s theme song# teamKDot for life

    • Lenny

      Agreed, a real fan should want the greatest possible success for that artist.

  • Trey

    Don’t hate on these other fools who aint listen to Kendrick the whole time. So? They like Kendrick, that’s what matters. They like the GKMC because it’s hip, then let em don’t hate on em because they like Kendrick too man.

    We all K Dot fans here anyway.

  • Aja

    Been listening to Kendrick since day 1. Listened to all his mixtapes and albums and I gotta say, he gets better every time. His music actually has content, unlike other rappers. Whether he’s Kendrick or K-Dot, he’ll always be killin it.

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  • http://none Thandi

    geez dude, your songs feed my soul.

  • marshall king

    prison slowed me down. thanks for the fuel. 5 DRC`S say you you may want check me out. Just touched down. Keep droping that dust!

  • io.oi

    Dude’s got flow and young wisdom. What else is there to say?

  • Francis Neo M wordskillz mr305

    wordskillz mr305 sold… Kdot you a killa gangster, like i always say it you a new school rapper reppin’ old school. bigups!!! keep it up.

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