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Kendrick Lamar Mixtapes

Kick it to the INFAMOUS Kendrick Lamar Mixtapes

It’s time to be in the know listen to the Kendrick Lamar Mixtapes!  The INFAMOUS Kendrick Lamar Mixtapes have set a rock solid foundation to launch his career from. Below are tons and tons of tracks that will surely keep you itching for his first debut album that is set to come out later this year!  Kendrick’s first mixtape was released when he was 17 and even then he was spitting fire and his talent was ever present.  Now he is just lighting it up, but any true fan knows, it’s all about the mixtapes that got their favorite rapper into the game in the first place.  These mixtapes are some of the best in the industry and could even been considered albums to some.

The First Kendrick Lamar Mixtape: Training Day (2005)

Kendrick Lamar Mixtapes - Training Day

In 2005, Compton based Kendrick Lamar, aka K.Dot was age 17 released Training Day.  You can see his emerging abilities even at this young age.  The tape is definetly worth a listen.  He pretty much jumps on a TON of classic beats, which is sure to make any fan of hip-hop fall in love.  There are even apperiences from Punch and Jay Rock.

Kendrick Lamar Mixtape – C4 – 2009

Kendrick Lamar Mixtape -  c4

Back in 2009, Kendrick released C4 inspired by Lil’ Wayne’s 2008 album The Carter 3 which comprises mainly of freestyles over instrumentals from Wayne’s album in addition to a number of original tracks.  Kendrick’s re imagination of Wayne’s album is very insightful to listen to as well as the evolution of his style.  Such different artists but such awesome music.

The Kendrick Lamar EP

Kendrick Lamar Mixtape EP

Out of his K.Dot phase in his life, Kendrick embraced his name and came out with the Kendrick Lamar EP.  It is a solid yet evolutionary endeavor sure to not let his fans down.

Interested in more from Kendrick?  Check out his album page here:  Kendrick Lamar Albums.

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  • Joshua Lemelle

    I heard J. Cole cosign so I had to check you out for myself.

    • fuckboiees

      these guys were claiming they had an exclusive mixtape but this shit been on the internet forever

  • leon

    you rap like pac n away

  • Ibn

    Substance music, @ Leon, K.dot cant be compared to anyone bruh. He is Kendrick Substance music Lamar.. Period.

  • aftermath

    Is kendrick at aftermath or not?

  • Young Aries

    Kendrick Lamar is Aftermath. I think that their isnt any labels that could handle him….

    • Mitchell

      True words my friend.

  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/www.dopebox.net/ Lyle

    this mixtape is better than his album

    • RENCH


  • http://soundcloud.com/user57480/fractal-followers Fractal

    You live inside the moment and they live inside their minds.

  • Jay from Detroit

    You the truth my nigga. Who can stop you fam?

  • illmatic27

    do u have Youngest Head Nigga in Charge?

  • redstar753


  • redstar753


  • Hizzy

    Faith Is My Shit !!

  • Pablo

    Omg black hippie just gave birth to hip hop of some other kind I can’t get enough.

  • http://www.membersonly206.com Will J.

    Ever come across his actual first tape? Youngest Head Nigga in Charge from 03?

  • http://modelmayhem.com/destinyw Destiny

    Heard the last two but the not the first one ever :) You’ve come so far!

  • Nona

    I love you kendrick, im sorry but i just thought you should knw im obsessed i cant handle it anymore, i think if you had to walk into my room you might be frightened

  • beauty

    i myself have been waiting a long time to her the truth come alive again.
    i myself have been hearing stuff the didnt apply again
    i myself have been feeling u speak to thee which is me
    i myself have been tasting the poems of your brain
    i myself have been seeing the ill shit that my all humans go insane.
    – k dot fam . Lisa J

  • Houston rogers

    Man dats my nigga, I gott every mixtape….!!!

  • David

    fuck! i wish i could get on 1 track with these foos…there i go dreaming again haha.. ehh back to my normal life…

  • Johnny

    I feel very grateful that i got to witness this. Kendrick Lamar you will forever be the savior of hiphop. Never change stay true to yourself & to your music. Temptations will come into place but i know you wouldnt sell out like all these other rappers.

    # SchoolboyQ Ab-Soul Jay Rock Kendrick Reincarnation Of N.W.A.

  • john

    Kendrick man throws it down with the latest (B&t^h don’t kill my vibe). come out to Colorado. 2012

  • Mitchell


  • alex

    yeaaa kendrick

  • Ace

    Yo Kendrick, I’m just a teenager from the south man. I really enjoy listenin to your music. We have two completely different area codes, but i can relate to everything you say. Keep up the good work, and you should colaborate with Big K.R.I.T.

    • D

      DJ Khaled-Kiss The Ring Album (2012) : #5 They Ready (J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T, & K.Dot)

  • Anneka

    Being from the city and only a year younger than Kendrick I appreciate the quality of music Kendrick makes. When I bought good kid, m.a.a.d city, I replayed it so much that I’ve practically memorized it. I just bought the album approx. 1.5 weeks ago. I am just now seeking to purchase Kendricks mix tapes to receive more enlightenment. My music collection was stuck on old school until I found out about Kendrick. I would like to thank Kendrick and his support system for helping me reconnect to my elation. I’m tuned in to really being a real positive product of a negative environment and having an artist on the mainstream be my voice.

    Kendrick, I feel as if you are either my brother or my husband in another life. Real talk. Even if we never meet in person our spiritual energies are definitely on the same frequency. I pray that our generation and those thereafter be influenced by your music and open their eyes…. all three of them. keep your messages subliminal, those who have not opened their third eye are not ready to learn that swimming pools is not promoting alcoholism and that bitch, don’t kill my vibe is not intended to be derogatory, you are enlightening the masses about how powerful energy is and how we have to be mindful of our self worth within and the type of energy we transfer and receive. We have been programed to self destruct without knowing we were being programed through sound and imagery, you are reversing it and our peers don’t even get it yet. It makes me smile to know that my city has a different message to go along with the gangsta images we are known for. I send Peace and Blessings to you Kendrick. You will never fade away, music lives forever in the hearts of our people.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hnights Terri

    Love this dude!!! Maybe a bit too much.

  • JimmyCorn

    Sick! The jig is up! du dud du dudu

  • S.A fan

    I just pray and hope u don’t change#keep it real lyk u do#il 4 eva stand by U#big_up man u doing it ther#

  • Nancy Morales

    Kendrick oh man your music gets me threw my days smoothly and secure i feel a spacial bond with you threw your music.

    • leon fisheyy

      we gt sumthn in common i cnt go a day without listenin 2 his music… n alot of ppl say i look like kendrick lamar look 4 me on facebook im Leon Hulk Fishey

  • http://watsap SAINT

    mother fuckers its the best time for kendrick lamar fukin bitches.

  • http://watsap SAINT

    fukin bitches im the bitch who hates uliminati but the fukin bitch is here kendrick

    • http://watsap malaika

      u are fukin hot kendrick

  • http://gmail.com manny

    yo kendrick these songs really gave me inspiration and one day when my rap career takes off i will do a collab wit u

  • Michelle Givens

    I will be in Orlando tomorrow 4/09/2013 to see Mr.Kendrick Lamar.

  • Amo Mokoape

    Thank you to this niglet, Mr K. Lamar, for ressurecting a (real)atable spirit of hiphop. i used to hot box my white toyota too.

    much love… all the way from South Africa

  • Asher Nomkhitha Tamte JIkijela

    To kendrick .. Your music reminds me of the 90s..some may even compare u to 2pac but he has nothing on you … I thought i was the only one who was fascinated by death but from your music it seems like you do too. I never even thought about christianity and its importance until i heard sing about me( im dying of thirst)..you brought hip hop alive ….u revived it ..we are so fucken tired of beef,bitches,money ,pussy ,houses n chains ….we want substance… U ,jay rock,schoolboy q,absoul(black hippy crew) r on the social conscience tip …. U have a legion of fans in South Africa ….looking forward to seeing u perform live with the hippies…much love : From south africa (cape town)

  • Asher Nomkhitha Tamte JIkijela

    King Kendrick Lamar Wordsworth

  • http://n/a tiffany

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikaa

    Wow Kendrick I Love Your Music! It’s Speaks To Me In A Way No One Esle Can I You Are My Favorite Rapper.

  • Daniel muchi

    long live ya musik kendrik o can i call you kenginious..all i can say is that you bring all substance not rap about i fuckd ya gall or i got b*** in all area cords or i have more money than you or i pop champagne blablabla all this other wanabee rappers rap about..you r the rezon y i went back to hiphop cos i grewup wit en this other rappers made me stop listening to ma musik…its me ya boy daniel from Nairobi kenya

  • tez

    anybody know the name of the song where he’s telling a story nd his childhood conscious is talking back to him saying he remember it

    • Rachel


  • nature

    niggas who say aftamath cnt handle kendricks they are clownin,kendrick himself his de real rap old n new,whos better dan dre 4 nurturin him?? #ya bish

  • jaspis

    I find it so funny yet cute that I first have to follow him on twitter and like him on Facebook to get the mix tape.

  • Reabetswe mirror

    Eish kendrick evrytym wen i listen 2 ur music i feel lyk i cn fly…

    • sylvester

      ey REA u feel the same as i do

  • http://www.facebook.com/smileymemphisceleb Sherrita Kiara Moore

    Hey Kendrick Lamar I want to say I love you very much and may Go keep watching over you
    LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!

  • Richard Ortiz

    Tell them I need my credit when its due, Tell them I need my lettuce when its new, tell them i have a fetish for fine fabrics Franklins and saying fuck you~ #west #kdot #comptonbound

  • Lunga S’nethemba Mdunyelwa

    Kendrick is King….

  • nydia bout that music

    k.dot is so sexy follow me on twitter @nydiahenry

  • leon fisheyy

    kendrick lamar needs 2 come 2 zimbabwe

  • Jeff-Marco

    kendrick-lamar-swimming-pools Remix produced by me https://soundcloud.com/realmind03/kendrick-lamar-swimming-pools

  • DAAK

    OOOOOH man when i listen to u r music i feel i got confidence i can make it like u did

    u the new God, King of Hip Hop don’t worry about Jayz or…ect u the best

  • Kyler95

    This web page is wrong. It says his first mix tape was when he was 17, well where is it at? The “first mix tape” on here was in 2005, but he was 19 in 2005. Where is his first?

  • Kyler95

    I want the 2003 mix tape!

  • Juhwan J

    You forgot the mixtapes “Hub City Threat: Minor Of The Year” and “No Sleep Til’ NY” with Jay Rock.