Kendrick Lamar EP

Kendrick Lamar EP

You’ve arrived to Kendrick’s third mixtape, the Kendrick Lamar EP.  Prepared to be blown away.

Kendrick Lamar EP

The Kendrick Lamar EP features fifteen tracks featuring artists such as JAY ROCK, AB SOUL, SCHOOLBOY Q, Big Pooh, BJ The Chicago Kid, Punch, Javonte, Interlude, and Angela McCluskey.  This is the third installment of mixtapes from Kendrick Lamar after his first two were under his stage name K.Dot.  Dr. Dre has been credited for calling Kendrick out for K.Dot and to change his name to Kendrick Lamar.

We are glad he did.  Below are the names of the tracks of the EP as well as a link to download the mixtape for your listening pleasure.

1. Is It Love (ft Angela McCluskey)
2. Celebration
3. P & P (ft Ab Soul)
4. She Needs Me (ft Javonte)
5. I Am (Interlude)
6. Wanna Be Heard
7. I Do This (ft Jay Rock)
8. Uncle Bobby & Jason Keaton (ft Javonte)
9. Faith (ft BJ The Chicago Kid & Punch)
10. Trip
11. Vanity Slave
12. Far From Here (ft Schoolboy Q)
13. Thanksgiving (ft Big Pooh)
14. Let Me Be Me
15. Determined (ft Ash Riser)

CLICK to DOWNLOAD Kendrick Lamar EP


Kendrick Lamar EP

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  1. chris

    can anybody tell me f this is a free and legal download? because I also found this on amazon … so there I have to pay for it :/

    1. Kyle

      Yes it’s legal, mix tapes are always legal, you can buy on amazon or iTunes if you want to support the artist, also, even if a song is illegal to download free, if you can’t afford to pay, an artist would rather you have the music than not, always remember that.

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  4. Mathew

    I still don’t understand why this is called the “Kendrick Lamar EP”. I mean, it’s more than 1-hour long, it should be called a mixtape, don’t you think so?

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  6. Lenny

    Thanks to whoever runs this site for making it so easy for me to go back
    and study his discography. I’ve been a fan since O.D. but I clearly
    have a lot more to listen to.

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