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Kendrick Lamar to Perform at NBA All-Star Weekend
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Kendrick Lamar to Perform at NBA All-Star Weekend

What does the NBA have to do with music? Well, this weekend Kendrick Lamar is one of a very few performers who will be playing at the NBA All-Star Weekend at New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center. Pharrell and others will be performing as well, but we’ve got our eyes on Kendrick because we know he’s going to have a killer show and not disappoint fans or NBA stars that are in attendance.

Over at Billboard magazine online, they have a roundup of all the Music All-Stars that will be performing at the NBA All Star Game. Kendrick doesn’t have the big halftime show or even the player introductions. Instead, he’s going to be playing before the Sprite Slam Dunk on Saturday night (Feb. 15) as a part of the NBA All-Star weekend. While it would’ve been nice to see him during the halftime show, it’s still good to see him as part of the event.

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, the fact that Kendrick is playing during All Star Weekend just goes to show what a star he is in the world of music. Even though he didn’t win a Grammy Award recently, many people are looking at Kendrick Lamar as the next BIG NAME in the rap game. With a brand new album anticipated this year, it’s going to be interesting to see what other appearances Kendrick has during 2014.

We already know that he was the hardest working rapper in 2013, traveling more miles and performing more shows than any other rapper being tracked. While Jay Z and Kanye West slow down in their old age and become not as important to the younger generation, Kendrick’s message of HiiiPower is continuing to spread far and wide. You could say he’s pulled off a double-triple or something even greater.

If you have any thoughts about Kendrick playing during the NBA All Star Weekend, let us know by leaving a comment below. We love to hear from our readers, especially the ones who are big enough fans to sport Kendrick Lamar gear as often as possible. If you’re not wearing K-Dot gear yet, click one of the banners to see our great selection of t-shirts, hoodies and more. If you’re a true Kendrick Lamar fan, we think you’re going to like what you see. The best part is that you’re not going to go broke buying them!

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