Kendrick Lamar Rocks Performance At NBA All-Star Game

Kendrick NBA All Star

If you missed Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the NBA All-Star Game, you really missed something special. The MTV website wasn’t the only one that took notice. National and local media were both on hand to report on the latest “slam dunk” performance by the King of the West Coast – aka Kendrick Lamar – aka K-Dot – aka the rising star of Black Hippy. Saturday night, February 15, 2014, Kendrick wowed everyone in attendance with his performance of two hits.

Kendrick made the crowd wild with  “m.A.A.d city,” but when he launched into “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” you could feel the electricity from the fans. He performed before the annual slam dunk competition. Nick Cannon made the introduction for someone everyone knew already, but it was nice to see Kendrick come out and launch into “m.A.A.d city” without flinching at all.

Kendrick was wearing a black hoodie and had it over his head, giving him a sort of dark appearance, but it was his vocals and the driving beat that really stole the show. If you looked closely, you could notice the Nike Red Octobers on his feet – quite styling with the black pants and hoodie he had on. Still, it was all about the music and the lyrics. This was really pumped up and had a rock-vibe to it.

Then the mood changed when he broke into “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” For this song, he went with a much more mellow sound, which the crowd loved. He actually sang the Jay Z remix version instead of the original one. The lyrics, “I can feel the changes, I can feel the new people around me just wanting to be famous,” really hit home. The crowd went nuts after the song was over.

Kendrick just smiled and said, “That’s love…” before walking off-stage.

While it’s hard to upstage the slam dunk competition of the NBA All-Star game, Kendrick managed to pull it off. We can’t wait for his new album to drop, especially if it’s even half as good as his last one. If you caught the Kendrick Lamar experience, leave a comment and let us know what you thought. From his shoes to the hoodie to the songs he picked and the way he sung them, he had the short performance locked down tight.

Kendrick Lamar Rocks Performance At NBA All-Star Game
  • Jessica Haynes

    I was one of the fans at the 2014 AllStar game in Nola.. Needless to say Kendrick’s performance was so electrifying & amazing I am still hoarse from screaming lol Thank you Kendrick!! We love you! ❤️ Jess & Jazz (sunflower) We can’t wait until the new album drops.. The Fans need it Kendrick!!! Please come back to Louisiana soon!! ❤️❤️