Kendrick Lamar Says ‘Alright’ Almost Didn’t Happen

Kendrick Lamar reveals that “Alright,” which has become the anthem of a generation, almost didn’t happen, according to the Business Insider. The 29-year-old rapper became a sensation last year when his album To Pimp a Butterfly was released.

I can’t get enough of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” performance at the 2015 BET Awards

— Gidado (@Graaffiti) November 3, 2016
The hit album won Kendrick Lamar four Grammy awards earlier this year, and “Alright” has become the anthem of the modern social justice movement. The chorus featured in the song has been a rallying cry of protesters across the United States.

In particular, when people protested against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Chicago earlier this year, they celebrated the cancellation of his Chicago rally by singing “We gon’ be alright!” which is lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.”

But it turns out “Alright” almost didn’t happen, and Kendrick Lamar sat down with producer Rick Rubin for a recent interview with GQ magazine to explain why. Lamar revealed that it was Pharrell Williams, who co-produced the song with the rapper, who had “the hook.”

#NowPlaying Alright (Dirty) by @kendricklamar on

— djtriplej (@djtriplej) October 24, 2016
Williams, who can be heard chanting in the song, also came up with that “fun beat,” as Kendrick Lamar puts it, as well as the song’s anthem-like chorus. It may come as a surprise, but that addictive beat came half a year before the lyrics to the song were recorded.

Kendrick Lamar revealed that he couldn’t find the right lyrics for “Alright” for a full six months, while his music publisher Sam Taylor and Williams kept asking him what the problem was.

But seeing that words didn’t exactly come flowing out for Kendrick Lamar, Williams took it upon himself to help his friend out. So the “Happy” hitmaker made the song into what it is today.

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