Kendrick Lamar Says Goodbye to Kobe Bryant

After 20 seasons, tomorrow (April 13) marks Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game. The Los Angeles Lakers are sending the legend off in style, and that includes a stirring video toast from one of L.A.’s favorite native sons, Kendrick Lamar.

ESPN nabbed Lamar to narrate the bite-sized “Fade to Black,” and it’s all wins. Kendrick’s never met a monologue he couldn’t master and his voice brings fitting justice to ESPN writer Scoop Jackson’s script. There’s shout outs to his five NBA championships, dunking on a rookie Dwight Howard in 2004 and his 2009 buzzer-beater over Dwayne Wade. It’s all set to Kendrick’s “Untitled 07 | Levitate” from his recent Untitled Unmastered collection.

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