Carissa Rossi interviews Kendrick Lamar for That Life

Why Kendrick Walks Out On Interview

Carissa Rossi interviews Kendrick Lamar for That Life

Carissa Rossi interviews Kendrick Lamar for That Life

If you listen closely around 3:48 in the video interview posted below, you can hear Lamar say “Get her outta here…” as he walks off an interview with┬áCarissa Rossi for That Life. He stood up and walked off camera after Carissa failed to recognize a pop culture reference from the 1990s. Maybe the fact she didn’t know about the show “Martin” says something about her young age… or does it say something about her being clueless about black culture?

She does have some other questions that are “okay.” She asked Lamar about the album cover being leaked as well as if there was any sentiment [SIC] behind the polaroid photo used for the cover of MAAD City. Kendrick said the photo represents a lifestyle and explains a little about what his music is all about.

After explaining the photo used for the cover, Kendrick was asked his relationship with Lady Gaga and how it came about. Lamar had a great answer for this one too, saying Lady Gaga has a lot of respect for Hip Hop and music. They ended up in the studio together – something a lot of fans might not have even thought was possible.

Carissa had another pretty ridiculous question, asking Kendrick if Ab-Soul or SchoolboyQ pissed him off more. He said, “Everyone know Q is the asshole.” Kendrick did admit to instigating SchoolboyQ to drum up the laughs. Asked what they were going to do next, Ab-Soul said simply, “Dope.” Carissa asked how much and he responded quickly with, “a lot!”

Here’s the entire interview so you can check it out for yourself.

What do you think? Is she clueless or should she be forgiven for not knowing this basic fact? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this Kendrick Lamar interview. Ya bish? Or should she be cut some slack?

Why Kendrick Walks Out On Interview

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  2. RenaMariee

    So I have no idea how old Carissa is but… my brother is 13 and he sure as hell knows who Martin is. There is absolutely no way her ignorance about Martin is because she’s young. I promise you that.

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