Christmas Swag Shop Contest Christmas Swag Shop Contest

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  1. Tamara

    But I’ll be damned if I give them my handout
    See my pride is one thing I will not put aside
    I’m too proud to beg, I’m sorry Left Eye
    ~ Far From Here KL

  2. Sabrina

    look at me look at me, I’m a loser, I’m a winner, I’m good, I’m bad, I’m a Christian, I’m a sinner, I’m humble, I’m loud, I’m righteous, I’m a killer, what I’m doing, I’m saying that I’m human

  3. Aaron Milone

    “Wicked as 80 reverends in a pool of fire with devils holdin’ hands, from a distance dont know which one is a Christian, damn.”

  4. Ananda E-B

    recognize my life, ridicule my fight, give me fuel for the fire burning when i yearn these lights, in the midst of the hieroglyphs my fingertips start to write

  5. Ananda E-B

    look at the weak and cry, pray one day you’ll be strong, fighting for your rights, even when you’re wrong, and hope that at least one of you sings about me when i’m gone. am i worth it? did i put enough work in?

  6. Lester

    I can feel you energy from two planets away
    I got my drink
    I got my music i would share but today i’m yelling:
    Bitch dont kill my vibe.

  7. Jerry Shane

    How splendid, I guess my project I did it
    Got all these niggas approaching their mixtapes different
    They said seven tracks, I said fifteen
    Called it an EP, they said I’m tripping
    But little did they know, I’m trying to change the rules
    That we’ve been confined to, so the corporate won’t make decisions

  8. Rebekka Hoch

    I got it in my genes. You’re probably think i’m talking about a pistol, but i’m talking about the blood of a warrior.

  9. Pumzi M

    “Wicked as 80 reverends in a pool of fire with devils holdin’ hands, from a distance don’t know which one is a Christian, damn.”

    “You slipped your disc, when I slid you my disc, you wanted to diss but jumped on my dick”

  10. Briana Coleman

    Ni___s like to gas up like bi_ches got me thinking you dont like bi_ches, wonder whats behind them raybands, eyes of a coward I understand, Ni___s like to gas up like bi_ches sip dom perignon when we finish and say r.i.p aaliyah!

  11. Bvtch Be Easy☜

    EvenTarzan can get swung on,
    I never hung out with the loud mouth.
    You got a foul mouth and that dead body gon’ smell foul when it fouls out.

  12. Gustavo Trejo

    Translation: Ven aqui mami, asi culo

    Tu quiero coger mi huevos y papi molestes pero

    Chuparse puto pendejo el pinche cabron; let’s get it

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