Overly Dedicated

The artist formally known as K-dot stands now as Kendrick Lamar…A “good kid in a mad city”. His story has been told, and those of you checking out this site have a good idea with the type of person he is. Being supporters of his movement and him in general I have to push his music 100% as much as I can. If you have heard the mixtape you know about the quality he puts out and I wanted to place this link here only to help him, if you are a fan support and buy the album on I-tunes. Not to many people get a chance in this world to do something profound or influence a large number of people most importantly hip-hop artist who are actually trying to do something positive. So Support, purchase and you’ll be glad you did.

Overly Dedicated - Kendrick Lamar

Jon StenstromOverly Dedicated
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    one the best albums of 2010