Pharrell Williams Praises Kendrick Lamar in Interview

Pharrell Williams Praises Kendrick Lamar in Interview

Over at HipHopDX, they have an article that talks about an interview with Pharrell Williams that’s pretty dope. In it, he talks about Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, the Grammy Awards and more. The big takeaway is his respect for Kendrick for not waiting around for a label to sign him. As you know, Kendrick Lamar is all about TDE – Top Dawg Entertainment. And with as good as they’re doing currently, K-dot don’t NEED a label. And that’s really a game changer.

This should be surprising because Kendrick has changed the rap game in a lot of other ways. For one thing, he’s all about working hard for what he gets. If you remember, back in 2013 Kendrick was named hardest working rapper of the year because of how many miles he traveled to do a large number of shows all over the United States – and the world.

Here’s a transcript of some of what he said in the interview with Hardknock TV:

“Thank God like a lot of new musicians are realizing, you know, that’s when you can sort of effectuate change. That’s why we’re seeing so much great music come out. Cause these kids are like ‘You know what? I’m not waiting on a record label. I’m not waiting on a radio station. I’m gonna put my music up and out to the world. And if it’s meaningful to people then it will catch fire.’ And in a lot of cases we’ve seen it. You’ve seen it everywhere from the likes of the Kendrick Lamars to Lorde. Two of my favorite artists at the moment. They just didn’t care. Put a song up on Soundcloud, shot a video. It’s like ‘Okay, I may sign with you guys or not.’ And I love that. Because she’s 16-years-old. So, she to me is like a shining example of where we’re headed.”

The really good news is that TDE is going to be dropping SIX new projects in 2014. ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron coming out in late February is one, but many are certain that Kendrick is also going to have one of his own. And if he does, it’s going to be on his own label, not some large music corporation that doesn’t really understand the importance of rap and hip hop in the modern world.

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Pharrell Williams Praises Kendrick Lamar in Interview

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  1. Zay Smooth

    The grammy awards are rigged . Kendrick continue to make positive and great music no matter what . I love your first album and i’m looking forward to buying your second one.

  2. lil ken

    i listen to u when i heard of u good kid maad city then i stared to think if i could ever rap like u got me i was only 13 now 14 and study your worklisten to ur message and i will continue to rap with a message like u hope u see this and u think of me but dont think of me as some kid that s obessed with u no im just a kid that looks up to you and this whole letter a song to me i could rap it any time i want they should of given u the grammy but thats not what other think and i got a lot of respect for mackalmore and pharrel but i got a lot for u and i live in the town of victorville never know what u been through but i can still say that i have lessons and will rap and teach like u and i will make sure that kids dont make mistakes im no kid thats fuckin perfect my dads kicks my ass all the time im might seem up thight not rich but look like it dad only makes 20k a year enough to do and pay the bill but if u want to know more pls message me at pls i want to rap pls no one no fake shit

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