Q-Tip Reveals a Kendrick Lamar Record Influenced Tribe’s New Album

Whenever Kendrick’s “Money Trees” record is brought up in conversation it typically revolves around whether or not he was murdered on his own track by TDE compatriot Jay Rock, but this time the focus is squarely on the sonic template created by producer DJ Dahi. For “Money Trees,” Dahi sampled “Silver Soul,” a standout selection from Beach House’s 2010 Teen Dream album.

This means that, indirectly, Q-Tip found inspiration for the production direction on We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service from an indie rock duo from Baltimore.

We didn’t need another reason to champion the art of sampling, but alas, we have one. Despite a growing number of detractors outside the hip-hop community who don’t believe sampling is true artistry, it was a sample that helped to start an entire chain of events that lead to a remarkable album being produced.

If Dahi doesn’t sample Beach House for Kendrick’s “Money Trees” then Q-Tip isn’t influenced by the record and if Tip doesn’t hear the record then Tribe’s new album may sound slightly different.

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