Rapper Praises Kendrick Lamar’s Album; Disses Donald Trump’s Followers in New Song?

Eminem called Kendrick Lamar’s dated track “a masterpiece.” Meanwhile, he bashes presidential candidate Donald Trump in a new song.

According to HotNewHipHop, Eminem aka Marshal Mathers III praised Kendrick Lamar and his track, good kid, m.A.A.d city. The rapper claimed that the track on Lamar’s sophomore album is “a masterpiece.”

Mathers is actually one of the people Lamar looks up to in the music industry. Lamar told Rick Rubin in an interview about how he acquired his sense of “clarity” from the rapper. The Alright artist studied his albums like The Marshall Mathers LP.

Meanwhile, the rapper responded by praising Lamar and describing how stunned he was listening to the younger rapper’s debut album, GKMC. “When I first heard Kendrick’s debut on Aftermath, I couldn’t believe it,” he stated.

The rapper added that Lamar was able to connect the skits of the songs together to make a story. He expressed that the new rapper was a genius for being able to do that despite it being his first official album.

Moreover, Mathers said that everything from Lamar’s wordplay up to the beats of his songs is a masterpiece. So it seems like the 29-year-old was able to earn the respect of one of his music idols in the industry.

On a different note, the rapper bashed Donald Trump in a new song, as per Washington Post. His song, Campaign Speech, contains a large number of lines and verses attacking the presidential candidate.

Mathers insults Trump’s appearance and mocks him for his current position of power. He called him out as a “loose canon” who feels like he does not need to answer to anyone.

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