ScHoolboy Q Speaks On HABITS & Contradictions

School Boy Q

School Boy Q sits down with Complex Music blog freeonsmash for a tasty interview fans have been waiting on. Goes over all the questions we have all been wondering and long as shit. Good stuff. Check out an excerpt, and read the rest on the link below. Also tape drops January 14th if you didn’t know.

OS: How would you describe yourself as opposed to the other members of Black Hippy? How do you feel you like you stand apart from them?
SQ: I feel like I bring a lot of character to the camp. I’m the one that’s gonna talk the most shit, the one that’s gonna have everybody laughing. I’m the one that brings the most character to the camp. I gotta do me. I gotta be my own artist. People like to try to box me and Kendrick together all the time. He’s doing him, I’m doing me. We’re brothers of course, but we gotta just branch off from each other at one point and both go to the top spot and both win.

Read FreeOnSmash Interview Here.

Jon StenstromScHoolboy Q Speaks On HABITS & Contradictions