Sleepy Dixon Kendrick’s Cousin

Quincy Dixon “Sleepy” Kendrick’s Cousin

Kendrick Gives A Shout Out To His Cousin

On Twitter Kendrick tells his fans to check out his cousin’s awesome skateboarding abilities.  Do we have any Kendrick fans who want to chime in on his cousin’s abilities?  There were some great hardflips and late flips to say the least.

Updated with added music from Kendrick Lamar:


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CharlesQuincy Dixon “Sleepy” Kendrick’s Cousin
  • http://Cody7212ChannelinYouTube Quincy put this video on the site. I’m Kendrick’s cousin me n the homies made a new one. Filmed by @codychomspon aka Cody Thompson

  • http://Cody7212ChannelinYouTube Sleepy

    My reall name is Quincy Dixon but call me sleepy