Swimming Pools (Drank) Platinum

Swimming Pools (Drank) Platinum

Certified Platinum – Swimming Pools (Drank)

In case you didn’t hear, today it was announced that Swimming Pools (Drank) was certified Platinum! ¬†Kendrick keeps getting honors and we here at KendrickLamar.org just wanted to CONGRADUALATE the man on an amazing accomplishment!

If you are new to Kendrick’s music take a listen to the song here:

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Swimming Pools (Drank) Platinum

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  1. Lola

    OMG I love this song. I downloaded it on itunes and have been listening to it on repeat non stop since I saw it on SNL I love the horns at the end. I loved the live version on snl a little better than the record tho so had to keep rewinded the dvr to hear that version. Congrats on going Platinum!

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