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Welcome to Team Kendrick

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  • Kenneth Cox

    Kendrick Lamar is a great artist that deserves every bit of success that he has earned and even more. For the longest i didn’t really listen to anyone else aside from 2Pac, Snoop, and a couple of other older rappers. But now i feel that its “safe” to expand and really indulge in some of the contemporary artist of today or more specifically Kendrick. I really appreciate his work and hope that he stays around for a very long time.

    • Mreee

      Say no more. I completely agree. I never really listened to any rapper but Kendrick Lamar changed that. I wish people would realize 2chainz and Kid Cudi have talent (Kid Cudi) but Kendrick is even more talented.

      • Chester Rice

        I’ve followed rap since middle school, mostly southern but nobody does it like Kendrick. You can’t compare this to anything. Please come back to Dallas soon fo really though.

    • http://www.faceboo.com Tebogo aka K.Dot

      ja, kendrick is the best 4 me and he is the new tupac 4 our generation.

      • MEME_323

        Thats wassup i dig that next Pac thats takeing over . Kendrick lamar on top

      • roch

        he is passin tupac very soon watch him

    • Chantel

      Kendrick is one the best natural rappers. His songs have got good rhythm and all his songs take me to another level,especially Money Tress!! I just wanna say he should keep up the incredible work and his very much Loved here in South Africa!!

  • gilberto

    you amazing swimming pool

    • angel davis

      you are so cute kendrick.

      • Stefani

        Hell yeahh he hella bahd! Kendrick Lamar! <3 love his musik!"

  • James Achumu

    Kendrick a sane rapper to listen to

  • Maurice

    Game is right Kendrick is the next West Coast Nas since 2pac. good kid, m.a.a.d. city should be album of the year in my opinion.

  • http://kendricklamar.org shellshock

    love u

  • Korinne


  • Fatima

    I love your talent and how you allow your fans to get to know you!!!Stay blessed ;)

  • vicente caballero

    kendrick iam a young intelectual rapper from the trap a very poor rapper please call me iam not bullshit im just like you a 1 in a million great artist

  • Dakota

    Kendrick, you my dude. You’re the voice of reason tons of kids like me that aren’t hearing it anywhere else. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. You’re needed.

  • Jordan Turner

    Kendrick, lovin the album, Good Kid m.A.A.d City. I like how you made the entire album a story. It makes me listen to the whole album. I haven’t heard an album that I could listen straight through. Most artists put all their time into one or two songs, and that’s all we as fans are stuck with. I enjoy your lyricism. You make me think when I bump your album. I appreciate great music, keep it comin homie. West coast is back!

    • mR.roGer.R.gRoGg

      I found what I think was mis-labeled mixtape Compilation by the name… “The New West 2″ Kendrick Lamar. What has me confused is the fact it has a couple tnewks off of 2012’s “Good Kid m.A.A.d City” release.
      “The New West 2″ also has a few tracks with the same exact beat/backing track with totally. ifferemt lyrics or the same bridge/hook in-between verses with new lyrics & beats altogether.
      Any info you may have please forward to me … people asking me Kendrick Lamar album questions and all I can say back is…”Shit, it’s something new you haven’t heard and it’s fucking righteous but I only the title”…. I would rather be educated as too where its origin is, if its something Kendrick dropped underground, or if its someone else trying to cash in by making a mixtape compilation. Information is the tool by which promotion generates that dollar & that dollar should rightfully be in the pocket of the Artis. So help me gain the required knowledge and then All of us th get to contribute to family Lamar

  • wasswa sadik

    i like u kendri,no one is better than with the swimming pool track.am ur number 1 fun.

  • Wendi;)

    Dude Kendrick I love your songs :)n I love your pics your really cute n I really wanna meet you one day!!!:)

  • E.D.

    Was introduced to your material through your interview in the LaWeekly. You are great. You gotta get into meditation, if only for 5 min. a day bro. Check out Russell Simmons on the benefits. Gotta keep you around!
    Peace & Blessins.

  • sam

    kendric is the shit,bitch dant kill my vibe,money trees,poetic justice,the recipe

  • sam

    i wish to be kendric’s no.1 fan

  • jaquea

    Come to saintpetersburg, florida!!!!

  • DCGyrl

    Please come to DC!!! One of the realest rappers out. Love it!!

  • Ashley

    Hey you need to come to Alabama. These ppl out here dont know real lyricist like you. I like how you cool with j. cole both of yall hella dope. And if you dont come to Alabama which is where I live then go to New York I got fam out there n ill definitely come see you even if I have to drive 16 hours!!! #True Fan

  • Jamison Monroe

    Allegiance to HiiiPower. I am a fan because the truth is what is told. I consider myself less of a fan and more of a follower/soldier waiting to be called to arms. If the movement is set in motion and you call for the people to unite; Jamison M. Ramseur will arise to the occasion with 3 fingers held HIII. Keep doing what your doing Kendrick Lamar and the whole TDE Crew and affiliates. Your voice is necessary. If ever you see this and you feel the need to contact me, I will answer.
    Jamison M. Ramseur

  • AshleyNY

    Love U!!!!!!!

  • nadia somerville

    A.D.H.D. <3 ur a very talented rapper

  • southangel

    come to baton rouge la….. you already know you is Art …see u at the top…

  • SFCali Fans

    From all of us in NorCal…would LOVVVE to have you roll up here and drop it like it hot for us. Only request – please a 21 an older show…yeh yuh.

  • Rania

    Singapore awaits you. Impatiently.

  • tutu

    Kendrick is good and I give him an applause for “Swimming pool(Drank)”.

  • Jazmine

    I Absolutely love you Kedrick, from your music to your look. Your so talented and different I love your style ” Im your #1 fan ” is an understatement for me. You just have to come to maryland !!!!!

    I wish you the best .. lovej <3

  • 4 dicer

    kendrick i wld lyk to work under u man coz i simply rate ya as a dope n creative rapper.u r a real hip hop nerd.i dig ya style.

  • brendah breken thuo

    kendrick loadsa luvn bigtym……………

  • Mrs kendrick lamar

    Babe u got the dopest swagg and lyrics keep it up boo

  • JoeKha

    Loving The Album,Loving The GOOD KiDD(Kendrick),And Loving The City His From Cause Its M.A.A.D …FOLLOW ME @Joe_Kha95 #iRepTeamKendrickLamar

  • felisha

    Kendrick Lamar, I am a 40 yr old fan.Luv u and your diversity<3

  • kat
  • lee lee

    Fav rapper hands down. I love your Music, and I have a crush on you!!!

  • kingzy

    IF U AINT KNW KENDRICK?…….. DEN U AINT KNOW HIPHOP….. COZ diz k.i.d is ILL……. U BLEES kendriCK…..

  • Ittzel

    Kendrick , Q & Cudi Are Talented Rappers ! , <3

    • roch

      kendrick has the best lines eva (so far)

  • Drake Morgan

    C4 to Good Kid, Mad City. Its all fucking fantastic, Kendrick you are my hands down second favorite rapper, ever. You are out on your grind man, keep up this dope ass shit. TDE for life, K Dot, Q, Jay, And Soul are killing the game right now…

  • Tizzye

    YA BISH!!!!

  • Dark motions

    Kendrick you are the best rapper of all times dude (build up the new hip hop)2pack shaku style piss

  • drin shaelon

    good music I will want to hear music from K.L and ice cube that would be 5 star shit from above cloud high

  • Wolfie.72(605)

    Kendric, water is a pillar in the 7 meditative stances in with to forcefully seduce the mind into a suspended and stable meditate state. on a rock surround by a waterfall for example. the water crashing around you will bring fourth the inner silence of your thoughts then the water focuses your gaze to lock them on a still motionless picture upon witch will be your meditative background. i would like to guide you to these meditative exsistance, to in return be guided. teaching is the ultimate method to learning.

  • http://www.inspiranista.com Keonna

    I went to your concert last night in Saint Louis … Honestly, a person has to be blind to not see that you are the truth! My brother hipped me to you via the recipe and I hate that I wasn’t on when you first came out because your album has been in heavy rotation since I got it. I bought a copy for my crib and the car, it was that serious. I’ve never been amped about a rap artist before because I’ve never really been a fan of the genre…for me to want to actually search out and listen to your ealier works, it’s just a testament to your talent. YOU KILLED IT LAST NIGHT! I’m hella proud to call myself a fan. May God continue to bless you with much success, the game needs you… much love

  • K smah

    2puc re-incanated

  • melissa

    In your world I know there are words to describe your talent but in mine there are none. Congrats, you are gonna be one of the greatest. I’m older, first generation of hip-hop, thanks for bringing it back and keeping it alive. Peace young king.

  • sam

    Kendrick man u da best rapper ive ever listened 2 n hope u keep makin those awesome songs man #kendrick my nigga

  • abel

    swimming pool full of liqueur am dive in it dame grate start to him

  • Yo

    I hope u really read my reply…bc i swear iam a gemini….and i would not tell no lie….so please feel my vibe….i can really feel yo energy from from a few planets away…..i hope yo words stay alive…bc your a gemini…..& everything about u read live….lol…but real talk….u r a fa lifer thats gone last without a doubt…i no i wont win kmel treat to meet u…but please no i can feel yo energy from 2 planets away…..!…make sure u rock the bay for me…i mean that…much love!

    • http://none sierra mckay

      I love your songs and you a cool rapper

  • Peter Junior (k-Dot)

    Kendrick Lamar i am your biggest fan i guess!! i just want to say that a Love you Ni**a your lyrics are DOPE . and we want you here in Africa (MOZAMBIQUE) i guess you don´t know this country but we love the movimet #GKMC may dream is to be with you take a photo , show may Lyrics, listen may name coming for your mouth. and yea I am from Africa 15 years old and Hope you see this
    and with your lyrics a found a how to live …. i Hope my dream come true
    I have the opportunity to see you
    or a listen one of your songs my name or a photo something like that

    • Peter Junior (k-Dot)

      Kendrick Lamar i am your biggest fan i guess!! i just want to say that a Love you Ni**a your lyrics are DOPE . and we want you here in Africa (MOZAMBIQUE) i guess you don´t know this country but we love the movimet #GKMC may dream is to be with you take a photo , show may Lyrics, listen may name coming for your mouth. and yea I am from Africa 15 years old and Hope you see this
      and with your lyrics a found a how to live …. i Hope my dream come true
      I have the opportunity to see you
      or a listen one of your songs my name or a photo something like that

  • Felicia (Rowdy)


  • CanDBarz

    my names mlamuli Zulu from Middelburg in Mpumalanga all the way from South Africa, I live, ssleep, eat breathe Kendrick Lamar music it inspires me a lot in my music and writing style since im also an aspireing hip hop artist keep making good music my nigga!! Frm A G.O.O.D K.I.D I.N A MAAD CITY on the other side of the worldddd!!

  • Ola

    Kendrick lamar is not just a regular rapper and to be sincere I just listening to raps and find it hard to relate with, not until I heard overly dedicated, c4, and Section 80…..and I must say I’ve been really enlightened…. He is pac reincarnated…..i rep HiiiPower!!!

  • MEME_323

    Ive never had a favorite rapper.. ever since i heard your shit drop in my homeboys crib i felt the energy and the msg you are givin us. HIIIpower all the way am fromn the 323 boyle heights keep doing what you doing the next pac and best rapper alive top dawg all the way. Listen to ur shit all day

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  • manito

    good to u for wing the b.e.t music awords t.d.e

  • manito

    kendrick lamar i am 13 yaers old i am your begest fam and i want to be like you one day and plz came to south africa in yuor would tour

    • Trevor Mathaba

      He be here by Feb son,we all cant wait you

  • manito

    kendric lamar when i heard the track could swimming pool that is when i took u as my best rapper in the would

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  • kelvin

    hey man I just wanna say dat I luv u man ,and I luv ur songs.keep it up man,u d best.

  • rayia

    i loveee me some kendrick lamar !!!!!!!!! hyou’re my favorite rapper. you paint a picture every time you pick up a mic. sooo talented. come to NC babes !!! :) btw Good kid madd city was the ishhh :):)

  • http://www.kendricklamarmixtape.com bandile

    From all these rappers. . .and releases of their albums. . .eminem is the most respected rapper I’ve ever heard . . But there is one new rapper I respect and admire . . .as a rapper. . Kendrick lamar. . .he is a rapper that I think has adopted . . .rap from eminem shady . . .I give a 100% vote to kendrick lamar . . .I never loved rapper music. . .but from what I’ve heard from eminem and the new born kendrick lamar. . .feels like am listening to house . . .music . . To kendrick ” the jig is up . . .tu tu tu tuu. .”

    • Trevor Mathaba

      Bro like House music? Really?

  • Innocent Lamba

    i hate faggots, wud ‘av luv 2 marry ya

  • shazel aaron

    nce flow nigga

  • http://shawn/kingterror.com shawn

    i need a way that i can find my self as the biggest rapper in the world please help

  • Quawray

    i love you and your music #k-dot dhope asf #my husband ILY

  • Ben Harris

    When is Kendrick coming to Australia.

  • Sytonia

    Come to Howard!!!! Please.

  • little alphy

    simply the best….

  • http://www.com piter-jw

    soy un fangs tuyo y me
    mola todo lo tuyo… eres el mejor

  • http://www.oylous.com boris

    Number one!

  • Phiri

    kendrick is like a soft bed easy to get on but hard to get out of.

  • Shegoddess

    King Kendrick! Recruit me to TDE!
    Much Love Peace and Poetry

  • Kendall Addison

    I’m so excited!!!!!!!! I will be to see u December 2 2013 at the Scott Trade Center , in St.Louis I can’t WAIT …. <3<3<3 :)

  • Kendall Addison

    I love u Kendrick , I love ur music , ur style your all the way perfect in my eyes #My Husband #My Bae #I Love You !!!! Mwah Mwah Mwah <3<3

  • Trevor Mathaba

    For God’s sake! K.Dot is even doper than them great legends combined,im talkin Biggie and Pac …as matter of fact they weren’t even dope,no disrespect but I think they just hadn’t had much competition to go for,so I hate it when K and everybody calls him self A Reincarnation of em??? For what? For why when you know you beat them still wanna come up short from em? Oh please can y’all seat tha F down and listen to ; The Heart 1,2 & 3,County Building Blues,Faith,Cut You Off,Heaven And Hell,Last Real Nigger Under 23,The Art Of Peer Pressure,Sing About Me/im dying of thirst….Just to list a few.I tell you Motherf@*kers Kendrick is a Legend,just not Old ya bish!!!

  • dullahdebonair

    maaaan…!!? can’t wait to put t on, so wow… ”comment, drunk… postin’, drunk…. hahhaaa sooo awesome… like ye kendrick

  • tiffany

    call me kdot 4737705 i write alot of poetry and i need some support



  • EL-JAH

    Why wont you dumb motherfuckers just shut the fuck up and listen for a change. It is not a competition. We are not competing. Crabs compete men and gods do not. They support each other. Stand side by side arm in arm. It has never and necer will be about goat. We dont give a flying pigs dick duck about a goddamn opinion of someone who is told what there opinion is. So shut the fuck up and download section 80 and maad city. Feel the emotions, listen to the tales, and let the music fill your mind body and spirit full of the passion that was bred out of the injustices and pain in our lives.

  • Agoro Samson Anuoluwa

    Kendrick u are my best raper so far,like ur music titled cut you for

  • Agoro Samson Anuoluwa

    Kendrick you my best raper so far like ur music tittled cut you off

  • P_Rock_Ken

    Kendrick Lamar inspired me to write this….
    Snap on a track, play with my money get smacked with a stack
    I shoot with i smile nigga that’s how i act, I’m blowing on loud till it azma attack
    Apocalypse my niggas darker then that, some niggas selling they soul for a stack
    Aww, shit just got realer then that cause if you take my soul i want ask for it back
    And i get yo bitch wet and she drowning me, will i be loyal don’t count on it
    My plans was foiled went under the soil now smiling cyotes surrounding me
    Damn i feel like burning shit up weed man can i get a ounce of it?
    Whole up, stop look at my watch, do it look like i got time for it?
    (By the way my name’s Kendrick to another reason why the guys my idol)

  • Guest

    kendrick lamar is my artist for life.

  • chriss

    kendrick lamar my artist for life

  • Kedrick

    East K here ill be there for that high note
    Mad Love .
    Ima call u West K

  • Kedrick

    Understand! In the land of the free there’s freedom to be weak

  • sammy