What is HiiiPower?

So what is HiiiPower?

Kendrick states that HiiiPower means that we need to stand above all the bullshit that’s going on in the world, everything that everybody is feeding us, from the time we were born until now.

Because at the end of the day, everything that we were taught in school has always been a half truth, in the world, in general.  Kendrick is trying to start his generation on a whole new stepping stone with a whole new set of truth and eventually we can all learn from each other.

When Kendrick wrote HiiiPower it was him trying to figure out who he was and where he came from.  It’s deeper than what’s written in just the lyrics.

Are you feeling the HiiiPower movement?

Are you feeling Kendrick’s view that our generation needs to step up and make a name for ourselves?

Are you ready to to join the movement?

It’s time to raise three fingers in the air, representing: Heart, Honor, and Respect.

Are you ready to raise your three fingers on your chest with our HiiiPower design?:


Like the design?  Click the shirt to see more!

What do you think of the HiiiPOWER movement?  Are you in?  Leave your answer in the comments!

More on HiiiPower at: HiiiPower Lyrics, HiiiPower Performed Live,  HiiiPower Music Video

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  • Lilz Hornet

    kendrick hiiipower is the truth! i’ll be reppin hiiipower like it’s the anthem of our generation!

  • ben

    dude legit, just piked up one of these fly shirts! i’ll b reppin it at school fo sho. HIIIPOWWWER

  • Temi

    I rep hiiiiiiipower till I die yo!!!

  • Moses

    HiiPower Is A Movment

  • T.

    Everything that’s been happening to me lately is Hiiipower ! I feel enlightened !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leone

    from South Africa have to say we are black hippies biggest fans…

    How are we gonna get the stuff?
    i get Hiii to Hiiipower
    Iam in the movement.

    • napster

      shit live from south africa yo HIIIPOWER!! BLACK LIP BASTARD, BLACK SHADES, BLACK SHIRT..

  • Jonathan

    Hiiipower snapbacks Kendrick. DOOOO ITTTTTT

    • Nia

      yessssssss! Snapbacksssss <33

  • simmeon

    gotta love it .#hii power

  • Catrell

    I’ll be a member of Hiiipower until I go to the grave.

  • Samowski

    HiiiPower from Poland!

  • Aviance

    I have to say ive been listening to kendricklamar since i was young , im only 13 , now since 2006 , my father brought home hes first mixtape . i can honestly say he is an truly amazing artist . Only artist i can take serious , him and the whole black hippy crew . Whole untill HiiiPoweR movement , Jay Rock , Ab-Soul , and SchoolBoy Q . I grew up listening to him basically , this what i will tell my kids .. Who i grown up listening to ..

  • drizzy smallz

    Hiii power????it’s saddening but true that hell awaits you kendrick

  • T.Y.6.O A.K.A 4UNG P


  • siphumelele myeki

    My three fingers up in the air, cause im IN… Hiiipower

  • dont worry

    WRONG what you say about the movemet is true but what “hiiipower” stands for is wrong. Its always spelled with three I’s for a reason, to represent the third eye of your mind. The pineal gland

    • Anneka

      Dont worry, You took the thought directly from my brain now I don’t have to type it. We are all aligned. We will say what Kendrick may not be able to say. He knew what he was doing when he did it. Hiiipower for the youth, it’s our turn!!!!

  • Anneka

    Rising above the masses but still down to earth. See you at the top. Hiiipower activist, for life. The stagnation is more painful than the movement. Enough said.

  • Domonick Powell

    I want to start the movement here on the campus of The University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio . I support HiiiPower

  • Christian Canizales

    yo i feel what ur doing. society is just a bith that tries to fuck every one over. u speak the truth, saying shit how it is. me and some homeboys try to raise awareness just like u so people can see this world with their own eyes and not the forced image people deman u to see. they can brain wash as much as they like but they can get us all. i throw them 3 up and rep that Hiii Power

  • ass munch

    hiiipower is illuminati dumbass

    • bibo

      Tnx 4 da enlightment most fell 4 da claims he made

    • nozybreeze

      Your very blind my friend

  • EnglishBoI

    I Believe in HiiiPower

  • tim niyogusaba

    hiiipower till deep in eastafrica…..

  • Ye

    I think Kendrick Lamar’s skeptical approach to society is nice, but it’s kind of hypocritical of him to apply that skepticism to what we’re fed but at the same time believe in supernatural occurrences in his dreams. To truly arise above the bullshit all around you, you also have to rise above the bullshit coming from within yourself. I don’t mean to offend, I love Kendrick Lamar, but he should be skeptical to all bullshit.

    • luxesheri

      You may not have had the same experiences and perhaps there is no current scientific explanation for certain types of occurrences in existence but it doesn’t make them any less true, nor does it make them true. Each person ultimately has only their senses to rely on (even scientific truths have been manipulated for profit and political purposes, you need to test things for yourself), perhaps our human senses can be deceiving but it’s all you have—the best way to know the truth is to experience it yourself.

      He is skeptical of society and his life experience tells him so, he receives great spiritual wisdom from his dreams and sees the connection in his life. You may not see certain things and sure the burden of proof is on him, but he is not trying to prove anything to you, he’s an artist expressing what is true to him.

    • Detrick Wortham

      you’re dreams are subconscious thoughts and worries you have in your head and they do a lot for u including revealing things about yourself u didn’t know on top of sometimes predicting the future. dreams aren’t something to brush off or forget and it wouldn’t b considered as part of the bullshit to him because a dream doesn’t come from greed or self appreciation or pride it comes from whats really in your head whether you realized it or not

  • Jad

    I’m in

  • S.K

    Hiiipower as a movement astonished me because I learned of it at a time when I started being critical of many aspects of modern society. Being exposed to different perspectives and being amongst other great young minds in university started unveiling truths which I have pondered on for many years. The system of education here in South Africa, and i believe in most parts of the world, has effectively silenced the possibility of critical thinkers and it is only when I had a series of discussions with my friends that I have unleashed my inner potential after years of mental oppression. I stand for Hiiipower and its a movement that needs to be championed in developing Africa. F#@k the bullshit this world is feeding the youth!

  • bibo

    Misconception !

  • @IAm_KTrix

    HiiiPower is nothing else but the truth,#HiiipowerMovement.

  • @DOTDuckworth

    Wow i’m still locked to ths song..man this is tha f*** truf

  • Ngeee

    Not saying that Hiiipower is bad but there is more to it than we see. Obviously Hiiipower is messed up. For starters its called Hiiipower with 3 I’s. Everyone is in a transe denying that Hiiipower is something we dont understand. These niggas be deep and i know that from listening to them.

  • kambino

    What is the source or rather the inspiration behind the so called ‘hiiippwer’…….im a fan of k.dot………but i just love Christ Jesus more

  • providence protogy

    If jesus was preached like this we would all go to heaven….i’m tellin yaw this so called hiiipower is becoming an idol ofwhich the most high’s word quotes “do nat worship any other gods”….judgement is coming fellow planetmates…..there are only 2 roadz 1 will take….the million dallar question isp:WHICH 1 WILL YOURS BE????

  • Mr Garethe Jordan

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  • Alysha Lewis

    Kendrick, I agree with you 100% with your meaning behind hiipower! There’re so many hidden secretaries & lies that our generation is not realizing they are believing. That’s why I’m so glad that a king is taking a stand to try to let people know the truth! I have so much repsect for you beside being another rapper.

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  • http://n/a Andile

    Hiiipower!!! Kendrick you the truth!….

  • Bull b

    Wt ever they cll it i dnt fuckng care abwt am jst another rapper alive nd hu’s nt tryng 2 stll people’s souls….. Tll u wt if u knw wt’s gud 4 u. Dnt even dare go near those guys.

  • Bull b

    If ths niggas dnt gt my shit. I guess God has 2 send a rapstar to show thy a way of life…… 3 i’s? Fuck. Am alright wth 2 i’s…


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  • Big Mic

    Hiii Power should be revolutionary, should provide a platform for people to voice and put forward problems faced in society.

  • Princelee

    HIII POWER! Kendrick Lamar is doing his thing! Imma rep HIII POWER forever. Heart, Honor, & Respect! He’s serving something/someone higher than him. The King of Hip Hop is and will forever be Kendrick (KDot) Lamar!

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  • blackkid withtheglasses

    Hiii power= illuminati
    3 eyes in Hiii power= false enlightenment
    Put 3 fingers in the air= 666
    Overly dedicated showing pictures of artists who died young from drug overdose
    Section 80 showing the Bible in the presence of everything sinful (blunts, guns, etc)
    Open (2 of) your eyes. This movement is corrupt and is a clear sign or dipiction of the NWO agenda.
    “Hows a black man in the illuminati? ” there not in the illuminati, but work for them. Why? Money and fame. Thats it.

    • Josh N

      666 Represents The Element Carbon And You’re StUpid As Hell.

      • Omar

        You got it all wrong. Kendrick straight up says Illuminati is one big racist party. When he is says throw your threes up, he is referring to his LA roots, and on a deeper level the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost. He fighting AGAINST the Illuminati.

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  • nozybreeze

    I’m with the movement… But I suggest all of you with it meditate… its the only way to freedom

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