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Will Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album be Dark?

According to an article over at i-D by Vice, Kendrick Lamar’s next album is going to be darker than the last one. For some fans, this is good news. For others, it means a little nervousness about whether Kendrick will be able to still come up with something good or not. A lot of people like K-Dot for different reasons, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about the music – light or dark.

One of the signs of a good artist is that they’re able to evolve over time. With each album that comes out, if it’s different than the last – and still good – it’s a sign that they’re a true artist that will be remembered and praised for years to come.  There are many signs pointing to Kendrick being able to come out with a darker album yet still remain himself. Kid Cudi has been confused with each album he’s dropped, but our man Kendrick is better – definitely on another level. And that’s why we have hope his new album is going to be dope.

Here’s a little teaser from his interview in i-D magazine online:

Do you think your music comes from a positive place?
Yes. My music comes from a positive place, only because I was once in a dark place before in my life so, to actually get to that positive space you have to come in this negative world, where you’re striving to do something better for yourself.

How did you allow those negative situations to not affect you, or jade you?
Just knowing something was bigger than me, something was bigger than just Compton, something was bigger than the trouble we were getting ourselves involved in, I knew something was more, and l wanted more for myself. Not only for myself but for the people l care about.

When asked about who he might collaborate with in the future, Kendrick said Erykah Badu. No one knows when we might see that collaboration, but it’s sure to be something special. The fact that Kendrick can admit he’s human and he’s flawed is a lot better than someone like Kanye West trying to always say he’s the best and holiest no matter what, you know? As the King of Rap currently, Kendrick Lamar is going to face a lot of battles coming up, but we’re sure he’s going to be able to handle any situation that arises.

Will Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album be Dark?

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